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Twits on Twitter: Why I Oughta #$%^%$

Class acts, aren’t they?  In a delicious bit of irony, just an hour after Stupak the Stu— declares that he expects a public apology on the floor, Joe Biden is caught on an open mic following the HCR sigs:

As Biden hugged Obama, “This is a big F***ing deal.”

Kiss many babies on the campaign trail with that mouth, Joe?

And more entertaining is the quick progressive rush to defend.   Before Biden even had time to wash his mouth out with soap, the patently pathetically progressive Atrios tweets:

journalists know politicians swear. hell, senators have even sworn in front of me. why do they pretend to be shocked?

more generally i really wish we’d get past the idea that there are naughty words

In a week where it doesn’t seem like things could get any more ridiculous, the leftists never cease to amaze.

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