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It’s Morning in America

by Morgen Richmond

Well, the Democrats finally found an enemy they were willing to commit whatever it takes to defeat. Unfortunately for them this enemy was the American people. While I agree with those who assert that this bill will be difficult to reverse, this nation achieved its greatness only through the steadfast refusal of patriots to surrender to the forces of tyranny and oppression throughout our history. Let there be no mistake, in enacting this legislation the President and his allies have chosen the path of tyranny. By resorting to back-room dealmaking, the blatant payoff of special interests, and every legislative contravention imaginable, Democrats have set in motion the largest seizure of power by the federal government since the New Deal, if not our history. All at the expense of personal liberty and free enterprise, and against the clearly expressed will of the vast majority of Americans.

But this bill will not stand.

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