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ACORN Dies But Like An Indestructible Fictional Android Assassin It’ll Be Baaaack

Posted on March 23 2010 8:00 am
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As I told the Associated Press yesterday the rumors of ACORN‘s demise are greatly exaggerated.

Like the T-1000 android assassin in the movie Terminator 2 ACORN has an uncanny ability to pull itself back together even after being blown to bits. Its various state chapters which are busy pretending to break away from the national group with re-unite in a new as yet unnamed organization in the not-too-distant future. Count on it.

Even the date planned for the vote fraud consortium’s shutdown is a joke. It announced it is closing its national offices on April 1, i.e. April Fool’s Day.

Ha ha. Very funny, ACORN.

Of course ACORN has long treated the public as fools as it extracted millions of tax dollars, ran roughshod over electoral integrity laws across the nation, and contributed to the subprime mortgage crisis by strong-arming banks into making loans to people they knew couldn’t afford to pay them back. ACORN’s crimes are too numerous to list here.

ACORN’s best-funded affiliate isn’t going anywhere. ACORN Housing Corp. Inc., which recently changed its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America Inc. is still in business.

And even though ACORN Housing is currently the subject of a massive U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development investigation it’s still number one in the heart of President Obama.

While America was distracted by Democrats’ attempts to unconstitutionally ram government-run healthcare down the throats of the American people, the Obama administration began preparing to resume funding to what’s left of ACORN.

In a March 16 memo Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Peter Orszag quietly ordered federal agencies to resume funding the group whose employees were caught on hidden camera videos last year condoning a variety of crimes including child prostitution and tax evasion.

The memo came a week after renegade federal judge Nina Gershon of the Eastern District of New York made permanent her temporary injunction prohibiting Congress from cutting off funding for ACORN.

The memo also came despite the fact that the Department of Justice is planning to appeal Gershon’s ruling and seek a stay pending appeal.

It’s unclear why the Obama administration isn’t doing the responsible thing and waiting for the case to work its way through the judicial system.

Could the OMB be moving at lightning speed to restore funding for ACORN, which is under indictment in Nevada for election fraud, because ACORN is in dire financial straits? Perhaps it’s a reward for ACORN’s loyal support in the ObamaCare battle.

One thing’s for sure: ACORN will rise from the grave as soon as it thinks the coast is clear.

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