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Top 5 Problems With the Health Care Plan

Posted on March 22 2010 5:17 pm
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Since everyone in the mainstream media today is writing articles on how great the new health care plan is for you, I thought people needed to see both sides of the coin.  And so based on the actual bill, a helpful article by the New York Times, and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO); it’s time to see the top 5 problems with the health care plan.

First I must admit that there are a lot more than five problems with the new plan.  Also, you may argue with my order of the top five.  But don’t get mad.  Instead, just add other problems with it that you have discovered in the comment section below.

Without further adieu:

5. Almost 1/5 of America’s economy has just been turned over to the government.

Fact on Health Care Plan: It is chock full of government subsidizes, bureaucracies, and waste.  This plan is nothing less than a government takeover of health care.  I’m not sure how much you’ve noticed that our government isn’t exactly strong on stewardship and responsibility.  Considering they now own our health care, that is a bit scary.  And who among you actually thought our government needed to get bigger?

4. Quality of Health Care will quickly begin to plummet for all of us.

Fact on Health Care Plan: If you are wealthy you will have to get rid of your high quality health care.  Your wallets will be drained to pay for this legislation with much higher taxes.  If your job provides you with the highest quality health care they will be taxed mercilessly (up to 40%) until your job decides to lower your benefits or cut your pay.

If you are on the lower income bracket and make around $30,000 a year then you will be pointed to Medicaid.  Of course Medicaid is famous for causing doctors to not return phone calls.  So your care will be especially low – when you are actually able to get it.

And of course, since health care will be massively subsidized by the government, we know that means eventually everyone will deal with poor quality care.  We’ve seen it in other countries with government funded health care.  Long lines, weeks waiting, and panels turning down needed procedures for cheaper options.  One day our government will have to give us horrible care or completely devalue the American dollar with our debt problems.

3. You lose any freedom of choice about having health care, and you will lose freedoms on what kind of health care plan you use.

Fact on Health Care Plan: After 2014 buying medical insurance will be mandatory.  If you refuse you will pay penalties up to $2,085.  You still won’t have insurance then – but you will be paying for other people to have it.

Also, if you buy from an individual policy your rates will be significantly higher under the new bill than what they otherwise would have been under the current system.  Of course that will force many to buy into the government exchange plan and take us one step closer to a single payer system.

Oh, and those neat medical savings plans that many people love and are so smart economically, they will be viciously attacked.  People will no longer be able to be use them for over-the-counter medications, and the maximum amount you can use them for medical expenses will be cut in half.  Again, people who depend on those medical savings plans will be forced to get into the government exchange plan.

2.  Abortion will be funded by tax dollars.

Fact on Health Care Plan: Anyone on the government funded health care exchange can get abortions through their coverage.  Subscribers will have to make separate premium payments.  That is called a shell game.  Moreover, Health and Human service director Kathleen Sebelius has admitted that there will be a general fund pot that will only be available to those who need help in covering abortion premiums.

Regardless of any executive orders or what fake pr0-life Democrats told the press, abortion will be paid for out of the pockets of the American people.  And this health care is the first step to get us to single payer health care.  At that point all abortions will be paid for by tax dollars.  (David Swindle has a great article on this topic.)

1. There will still be millions of uninsured!

Fact on Health care Plan: The CBO looked at this health care bill extensively and estimated that by 2019 there would still be 22 million Americans left uninsured.

Yep, you heard me right.  The Democrats have been selling this plan as a way to ensure “every American” has health care.  It’s all a lie.  They knew the CBO numbers and tried to keep it a secret.  There may be less uninsured then there otherwise would have been (thanks to massive taxing and spending), but there will still be 22 million Americans left uninsured by 2019.

As President Obama said, “This is what change looks like.”  Thanks for showing it to us.  We don’t want it.  And come November, America will tell Obama and the Democrats exactly what they thought about this change.

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