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The Stupak Exodus

Posted on March 22 2010 6:22 pm
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Do I get credit for using a biblical metaphor in reference to Stupak that doesn’t involve Judas?

For Congressman Bart Stupak’s abortion “deal” — securing an ineffectual executive order signed by the president to ostensibly prohibit the use of federal funds for abortion in accordance with the Hyde Amendment — the pro-life Democrat is now hemorrhaging support from pro-life organizations.  

The National Right to Life Committee issued a statement immediately following Stupak’s announcement stating that the executive order, which cannot override legislation, does nothing to resolve the pro-abortion provisions of the health care reform bill. You can read their full assessment here

CEO of the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, Penny Nance released a scathing statement admonishing Stupak for accepting what is essentially a worthless “Post-it note.”

“You all sold out and scorned millions of voters who trusted you and believed in you,”

She said, and promised political payback.     

Dr. Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life made similar remarks to Fox News this morning:

“This legislation is the biggest expansion of abortion in our country since Roe versus Wade. It really is a tragedy and on his part, it was a betrayal of historic proportions of principle.” 

Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund President Marjorie Dannenfelser officially stripped Stupak of the “Defender of Life” award, originally to be bestowed this Wednesday saying,

“Let me be clear: any representative, including Rep. Stupak, who votes for this healthcare bill can no longer call themselves ‘pro-life.’ The Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund will not endorse, or support in any capacity, any Member of Congress who votes for this bill in any future election. Now through Election Day 2010, these representatives will learn that votes have consequences. The SBA List Candidate Fund will work tirelessly to help defeat Members who support this legislation…”  

The executive order is largely seen as political cover for Stupak as it does not have statutory power and can be rescinded at any time by any president, including Obama himself. There’s little credibility to the idea that a former lawyer (Stupak) and constitutional law professor (Obama) weren’t acutely aware of this. Pro-lifers aren’t buying it either, roundly panning the bargain as a “sell-out” and their retribution on the matter has been swift. Stupak’s Republican opponent, Dan Benishek was virtually unknown until last night (where he made his Twitter debut with @Benishek) but has since amassed an onslaught of Facebook fans. Stupak also faces a pro-choice Democratic primary challenger and thus, will undoubtedly feel serious heat from all sides in the fall. Comeuppance many would say.  

What is more damning is a video which has surfaced of Stupak at a town hall explaining to his constituents how he would decide to vote for the health care bill. The video shows Stupak telling constituents, basically, that as long as he felt he had made a good effort to include pro-life provisions, if they were ultimately rejected, he would still vote for the bill. 

I think everyone was shocked with Congressman Stupak who genuinely appeared for so long to be a courageous champion of perhaps the only real bipartisan measure of the health care reform bill. Yet after the deal was struck, Stupak, incredulously, attacked his former pro-life colleagues from across the aisle, accusing them of using the sanctity of life as a political tool. Somebody was surely using pro-life as a political tool — maybe, say, for some fancy new airports — but it wasn’t the Republicans.

Nichole Hungerford is Social Media Director and Contributor to Smart Girl Nation. She is also the purveyor of Obama Porn: Arguably the Two Most Googled Words on the Internet and tweets at ObamaPorn

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