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Stupak and Slaughter: Stalking Horses for Socialism

Posted on March 22 2010 6:17 pm
David Forsmark is the owner and president of Winning Strategies, a full service political consulting firm in Michigan. David has been a regular columnist for Frontpage Magazine since 2006. For 20 years before that, he wrote book, movie and concert reviews as a stringer for the Flint Journal, a midsize daily newspaper.
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Integrity?  Missed it by that much.

You didn’t hear much this weekend about the blatant unconstitutionality of using the “Reconciliation” process to pass the Senate health care bill.

Why?  Because compared to the atrocity of the “deem and pass” (aka Demonpass) gambit proposed by Rules Chair Louise Slaughter, the misuse of reconciliation seemed like the very model of decorum.

Likewise, the media isn’t talking about the language in the Senate bill that allows abortion to happen in federally funded community clinics.  Why?  Because Bart Stupak got the President to promise it wouldn’t happen—you know, the guy who was going to close Gitmo in one year, keep unemployment under 8%, and never, EVER tax anyone making less than 250 grand a year.  That guy.

Right before the dog and pony show of the health care summit, Newsweek played along with this headline:

Stupak vs. Slaughter: A Summit Matchup to Watch

But, of course, this hyped clash never materialized—and never was going to.

Stupak and Slaughter suckered us into focusing on fake controversies so they could do what they wanted to do all along—use an unconstitutional method to vote for an unconstitutional takeover of the health system.

Sufferin’ succotash!  (sorry, my alliteration button got away from me there.)

Of course, Stupak, never the most subtle of people, gave this away months ago when he was trying to look sophisticated in front of a group of locals, unaware he was being taped:

Stupak gave cover to 11 “pro-life” Democrats to vote for the bill, without whom it would not have passed.  He got all the attention, and then they could pretend to be relieved that abortions were not going to be federally funded—and maybe they could please the President without getting kicked out in November.

As his reward, Stupak got his 30 pieces of silver—less than a million newly printed federal dollars for some Upper Michigan airports.

As for the so-called Slaughter Rule, it’s far more likely that Slaughter was the Sister Souljah everyone could rebuke and reject so they could look moderate and reasonable.  Check out this exchange, Louise couldn’t have been more obnoxious if she were actually trying to repel votes:

Stupak and Slaughter scammed the press—and the rest of us.  They were distractions, stalking horses who could take the heat and the focus so the Democrats could grab their Holy Grail—control of how Americans get their health care.

So far, it’s worked.

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