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Obama And Clinton Tell The World Israel Is The Impediment To Peace Process – For Building Homes In Israel

Posted on March 22 2010 5:19 pm
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the same one who fawned over terrorist mastermind Yasser Arafat during her husband’s presidency, says that Israel is threatening the Middle-East peace process by building homes – in Israel.  The Muslims of Palestine are laying claim to part of Jerusalem and want the Israelis out of there.  According to distinguished scholar of Islam Robert Spencer, any lands that were once won by Muslim conquest and subsequently lost to Infidels must be recaptured by waging war.  So, here we have Islam playing the role once again as the aggrieved, trying to right a wrong against Dar al Islam by demanding that the Jews get out of their home.

It is an interesting concept that deserves some examination.  The Obama Administration has done everything possible thus-far to muster World condemnation of Israel as the great impediment to the eternal peace process, and as the intransigent party that is actually endangering American troops and our national security – by building homes in Israel.  By the way, that peace process has been going on for as long as my lifetime memory serves me.  And it has caused a whole lot of bloodshed, which actually makes it the Middle East Jihad process in my way of thinking.

From AP via FOX-al-Arabia News you can read the complete story here:

“WASHINGTON — New Israeli construction on land claimed by the Palestinians threatens peace efforts and undermines America’s ability to help end the Arab-Israeli conflict, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told a leading Jewish organization Monday.

In a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Clinton said that Israel’s recent announcement of new housing in east Jerusalem exposed differences between the U.S. and the Jewish state that others could exploit. She defended the Obama administration’s strong criticism of the move because she said it hurt attempts to launch indirect peace talks…”

Notice the use of the term “Arab-Israeli conflict”, which frames this issue in a racial context rather than an ideological one involving Islam. Clinton continued:

“We objected to this announcement because we are committed to Israel and its security, which we believe depends on a comprehensive peace,” Clinton said…”

Let me break that one down.  I believe what Clinton actually meant was, “We objected to this announcement because we are committed to weakening Israel’s security, which we believe depends on giving in to Muslim demands for more territory.”

“…The Israeli announcement came while Vice President Joe Biden was visiting the country. It embarrassed Biden, usually a staunch supporter of Israel, and led to one of the worst-ever crises between Washington and its top Mideast ally.

Clinton said talks with Netanyahu on steps Israel can take to restore confidence were under way…”

Yes.  Indeed, we must restore confidence that Israel will back down from jihad. The Obama administration has made it quite clear that if push comes to shove, it is the Israelis who will have to give ground.  And there will be no green light for a pre-emptive Israeli strike against Iran to take out its nuclear facilities.

For standing his ground against the World of Islam, not to mention the Presidency of Barack Obama and his minion Mrs. Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has my vote for Man Of The Year.

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