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Michael Merritt: My Health Care Manifesto

Posted on March 22 2010 9:00 am
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by Michael Merritt

Now that the health care reform bill has passed (thankfully no longer by “deem and pass”), the nation is on the brink of changes to its health care system that will affect generations to come. It effects will be less than last year, when the public option was still a part of the package – the Dems tried to sneak it in to this one, but it’s my understanding it’s now out – but they will be significant none-the-less. Tensions and stress are high, and many members of Congress and the President knew before they voted that that their jobs were on the line.

If Democrats think the battle is over, they are very mistaken. So I’d like to make my appeal to legislators for future action. I realize that I come very late to this, but I have not taken the opportunity to fully state my position on health care reform. I have given bits and pieces away, but nothing in one, well written piece. So I figure that I can kill three birds with one stone here:

  • Discuss health care reform, with reference to my own personal history.
  • Explain why I disliked this particular bill.
  • Give a suggestion as to where I think Congress should go in regards to reform.

I don’t do this with any particular delusions that I’m going to convince one any particular members to change their minds, and suddenly call for repeal or lawsuits. Instead, I mostly do this for myself, and to play my part (no matter how invisible) and in any future reform legislation that implements a much better system.

Read the full manifesto.

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