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NewsReal Sunday: Kansas City’s Iron Bishops: Fight For the Unborn, Reject Socialized Medicine

Posted on March 21 2010 11:58 am
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American Catholics agonizing about today’s vote on ObamaCare will have mixed feelings about the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops’ last-minute appeal to lawbreakers in the House, calling for a rejection of the Senate Bill.  While they will agree with the Bishops’ position on Life issues, they will simultaneously be appalled by the Socialist assertions in the Bishops’ letter:

“The second point of objection,’ the USCCB says, ‘is that universal coverage should be truly universal. People should never be denied coverage because they can’t afford it, because of where they live or work, or because of where they come from and when they got here.”

“The Senate bill would not only continue current law that denies legal immigrants access to Medicaid for five years, but also prohibit undocumented immigrants from buying insurance for their families in the exchanges using their own money. These provisions could leave immigrants and their families worse off, and also hurt the public health of our nation.”

I feel somewhat compelled, as a Catholic, to clear up a few points for those who will justly take issue with the USCCB.  Should our trustworthy Marxist-In-Chief promise to sign conscience protection as an Executive Order and promise to extend HealthCare benefits to illegal aliens, the Bishops would, according to their statement, stand and cheer the destruction of our free-market based HealthCare System.

It is a misconception that Catholics are mindless sheep, assenting to every dictate of ecclesiastical authority.  It is worth clarifying that agreement with the USCCB in its Socialist opinions is neither “obligatory,” for Catholics, nor, according to at least two prominent Catholic Bishops, in line with the authentic Social Teaching of the Church.

True Catholics concur with the Church in matters of Faith and Morals.  The Bishops’ rejection of legislation supporting the funding and compulsory performance of Abortion and the Euthanasia (key elements of the Eugenics Culture,) is consistent with the bi-millennial teaching of the Church about the objective evil of destroying innocent Life.

The “duty of the state to provide tax-payer funded health care systems” has not only never been asserted by the Catholic Church, but was specifically rejected as Socialism in the Fall, before the original House vote,  by two of America’s most conservative Bishops, Archbishop Finn of Kansas City, Missouri and Bishop Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas.  They articulate the teaching of the Church on the issue of Life:

“Any health care reform package must keep intact our current public polices protecting taxpayers from being coerced to fund abortions. Given the penchant of our courts over the past thirty-five years to claim unarticulated rights in our Constitution, the explicit exclusion of so-called ‘abortion services’ from coverage is essential.”

“Health care reform legislation must clearly articulate the rights of conscience for individuals and institutions, otherwise Catholic health care in America could be jeopardized.”

Then, the Bishops jointly address the question of the socialization of medicine, departing sharply from the political opinions of the directors of the USCCB, asserting what has always been the official teaching of the Church on principles of subsidiarity:

“In our American culture, Catholic teaching about the ‘right’ to healthcare is sometimes confused with structures of entitlement,’ the bishops write. ‘The teaching of the universal church has never been to suggest a government socialization of medical services.’”

“A hasty expansion of government programs could create a future tax burden which is both unjust and unsustainable, as well as fostering permanent dependency for individuals or families upon the state.”

Bishop Finn gained notoriety when he told KC, Mo. talk-show host, Chris Stigall on the day before the 2008 Presidential elections:

Chris Stigall: There are Catholics listening right now who are thinking strongly or are convinced that they will vote for Barack Obama. What would you say to them?

Bishop Finn: I would say, give consideration to your eternal salvation.

Bishop Naumann is known for forbidding Cathleen Sebelius, then Governor of Kansas and now Obama’s head of Department of Health and Human Services, from receiving Holy Communion, which, given her enthusiastic support of Abortion, would have been a meaningless symbol of unity with the Catholic Church whose moral teaching she flauntingly rejects.

The Iron Bishops in Kansas City gently presented a warning that lawbreakers might not have considered, and that the USCCB miserably failed to point out.  Besides the problematic question of Catholics paying taxes that directly fund the Eugenics Culture, that entire system of “St. Someone’s Hospitals,” spoken of on NRB this week, are a critical part of the American Health Care system.

As with any corruption, the ObamaCare KGB will find a handful of employees who will go along with mandated “reproductive care,” and help on the Death Panels, but the majority of Catholic providers and hospital administrators will not.

The unborn babies in America may not have their day of justice today on the Hill, but they will certainly have it in Kansas City when two authentic Catholic Bishops face the real choice between closing their hospitals and complying with mandated murder.  Given the track record of these two champions of Life and liberty, I’m going to bet on the babies.

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