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Immediately Call Leftists On it When They Invoke Any BS Stat from the World Health Organization

Posted on March 21 2010 9:51 am
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Dianne Feinstein on State of the Union with Candy Crowley on CNN just invoked the bogus World Health Organization’s baloney rankings of health care systems around the world. She claims that European systems are cheaper and provide better care than ours. Her source? The World Health Organization (WHO.) Who is the WHO? It’s the United Nations (UN.) It’s mostly European, UN bureaucrats from around the world whose mission is to make the world healthier through spreading socialized medicine.

How do they get their data? They just take what governments say at their word and report it as fact. (Read the chapter on single-payer healthcare in Glenn Beck’s Arguing with Idiots.) They are not a neutral observer, they are not scientifically rigorous, and they have a very obvious agenda

Senator Orrin Hatch just let Feinstein’s use of the WHO propaganda stand un-refuted. Unacceptable. It’s because of that kind of rhetorical weakness on behalf of conservatives that Obamacare has gotten as far as it has. When leftists cite fake statistics they need to be called on it and shamed for their intellectual laziness and dishonesty.

Arguing with Idiots has a very useful chapter on health care.

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