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Obama’s Trillion-Dollar Face-Save

Posted on March 20 2010 2:00 pm
I am: Alex Knepper. 20 years old. Republican. Classically liberal. Atheist. Gay. Contrarian. I support: Laissez-faire capitalism. A robust foreign policy. Social tolerance. Individualism. Reason. I oppose: Statism. Collectivism. Government schools. Psychiatry. Religion -- especially Islam. I admire: Aristotle. Epictetus. John Taylor Gatto. Rudy Giuliani. Barry Goldwater. Rudy Giuliani. Friedrich Hayek. Christopher Hitchens. H.L. Mencken. Ludwig von Mises. Camille Paglia. Isabel Paterson. Ayn Rand. Robert Spencer. Thomas Szasz.
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The open secret is this: Nobody likes this health care bill. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t. House progressives don’t. The Senate doesn’t. The American people certainly don’t. The bill is being rammed down our throats because to not pass something — anything — would be politically disastrous for Obama, rendering the first half of his term a crashing failure. We’re on the verge of quite possibly enacting a trillion-dollar plan so that the president can save face.

Nancy Pelosi’s quest for 216 human sacrifices hasn’t been easy. The most ethical Congress in history even stands accused of trying to use a backdoor budgetary tactic to avoid having to actually vote on what they turned into the major issue of the day. The speaker, at least, responded to this claim maturely: Republicans did it, too.

“I didn’t hear any of that ferocity when the Republicans used this, perhaps, hundreds of times.”

We now, then, have official word from on high that ‘change’ was just a word, ‘accountability’ was just a campaign slogan, and talk of ‘transparency’ was just a pretense used to mollify a disgruntled citizenry. The disturbing truth is that, while they privately detest the Senate bill, Speaker Pelosi and her underlings are gleefully prepared to offer up not only their careers, but you and your family’s property, as sacrifices to save the Obama presidency.

This corrupt M.O. is hardly discussed anymore. We’ve been deceived so much that we don’t even think anything of it anymore. We tell ourselves that this is just how Congress operates: backroom deals, Louisiana Purchases and Cornhusk Kickbacks are the price of having a stable society. We hate it — hence the astonishing 16% approval rating held by Congress — but we tell ourselves that there’s nothing we can really do. But we’re rapidly moving toward an impasse. The disconnect between the citizenry and its elected representatives is breathtaking: we are actually at a point where, if Congress runs out of money, the mindset of most of its members is: We’re out of other people’s money! Time to go get some more!

Does anyone remember this?:

There you have it, straight from the, er, horse’s mouth: We don’t have any money. It’s literally all credit! He’s ramming this bill down the throats of the American people — only thirty percent of whom want this bill to pass — because to not pass something — anything — would render the first half of his term a spectacular failure. He is spending one trillion dollars to save political face. Congress is literally looting us to rescue the political career of the president.

The root of this plague is power-lust. And the only way to smash this power structure is through radical change, in the truest sense of the word. To be a ‘radical’ means to challenge the fundamentals.

The cornerstone of the classically liberal society — true liberalism, rather than ‘progressive’ faux-liberalism — is private property. Man’s rights are fundamental: our lives and the products of them. If we put our work into something, it becomes our property and belongs to us — and may only be confiscated from us to protect the common rights of all. A properly-conceived government is not instituted to control our property, but to protect it. And a right is not something that must be given to us, but something that cannot be taken away.

Is Congress operating on the basis of these principles? They are the underlying ideas that our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are all about. When government steps outside of those boundaries, it has violated its proper purpose and must be altered — or even abolished. Those are not the words of some “lunatic, racist, fringe-right militia member.” They are the words of Thomas Jefferson (remember that guy?). Does anyone in Congress believe in these ideas anymore? And if not, is there enough will in the citizenry to become true radicals for man’s rights, and get back to these principles, regardless? Or are we all going to sit by in passive agreement that a president may spend one trillion dollars to save political face?

We’re about to find out.

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