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From the Debates of David Horowitz: March 20, 2010

Posted on March 20 2010 6:45 am
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David Horowitz: Well, this is just sophistry. First of all, in my book, Unholy Alliance, I devote a lot of space to showing how parallel the views are of very prominent American leftists Noam Chomsky, [Howard Zinn], Eric Hobsbawm, and even so-called moderates like Todd Gitlin, who would be appalled at being associated with International ANSWER and other holy rollers who actually buy the North Korean position. The common thread between them and what causes to them to accept the fact that they are giving practical aid to our enemies and helping them in their efforts to win the War on Terror is that they view America as the Great Satan. I also show how their “critiques” of America have actually have influenced radical Islam. The bin Ladenites, the Zarqawi-ites in the secular aspect of their indictments of the United States, follow the American Left’s party line. It’s the evil corporations and the capitalist system that is the villain of the piece. That’s why they attacked the World Trade Center, Wall Street, and not, say, a collection of churches and synagogues.

The fact is that Osama bin Laden himself, on February 12 of 2003, which is about four weeks before the United States troops entered Iraq, said on Al Jazeera TV, “the interests of Muslims and the interests of the socialists coincide in the war against the crusaders.” But, of course, it’s not just words; it’s deeds that link American leftists to the Islamic jihad. What were all those people doing out in the streets demonstrating so soon after 9/11 against an American military response to a military attack? And then a million of them – not just demonstrating for “peace” but denouncing George Bush as Hitler, and America as the real “Axis of Evil?” What were Leslie Cagan and Medea Benjamin, two of the most important leaders of the so-called peace movement, doing organizing Iraq Occupation Watch to incite American soldiers to defect, and using a Saddam Hussein supporter to run their organization in Iraq?

If you read The Nation magazine, for example, (which I do) you could look at the last three years and not find any articles on how to win the War on Terror. What you find is articles attacking the United States and its role in the War on Terror. So their political deeds show them this is not an alliance of convenience because they don’t happen to like a particular way a war was decided, although this war was supported by both political parties. It is an alliance of convenience with America’s opponents in the War on Terror because the Left itself is at war with America.

Michael Moore, of course, has said the terrorists aren’t terrorists, they are patriots. I haven’t seen the The Nation magazine taking its distance from Michael Moore because he thinks Zarqawi, the beheader, is an Iraqi patriot and we’re the invaders – and hopefully, the terrorists will win. When has The Nation – which regularly denounces George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld – denounced Michael Moore?

The Left Revealed

February 9, 2005
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