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Texas Board of Ed Refuses to Be Bullied By Academic Elite

Posted on March 19 2010 5:30 pm
Suzanne Venker, a.k.a. "No Bull Mom," is an author, blogger, and speaker. You can find her at
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When I was at college — at Boston University, in the mid to late eighties — I took an education course that required students to give a mock lesson to the rest of the class. An aspiring social studies teacher chose a controversial topic (I don’t recall what it was) for his lesson, and the rest of us sat mesmerized. It was clear this classmate of mine was going to be an excellent teacher — because by the end of the lesson, I had no idea what he personally thought about the topic. I recall being frustrated, for I wanted to know what his opinion was; I knew he had one. But then it dawned on me that what made his teaching so effective was that he presented the material in such a non-biased manner that we, his “students,” were left to figure things out for ourselves.

This is not the way today’s kids are taught. The academic elite have stripped away students’ ability to think for themselves and, in the name of social justice, teach students what to think. Two great books on this issue are Tammy Bruce’s The New Thought Police and David Horowitz’s Indoctrination U. Each documents precisely how the left use their influence to get Americans of all ages to think the “right” way.

Recognizing the inherent evil of this phenomenon known as political correctness, ten members of the Texas Board of Education decided to do something about it; and their subsequent decision to modify social studies textbooks to get liberal bias out of the classroom has caused a furor among those on the left. This isn’t surprising. It’s hard to give up control when you’ve had the floor for so long.

Though board member Don McLeroy said “all we are doing is reflecting what actually happened in the country,” to hear folks at The Raw Story (or the San Francisco Examiner, or the Huffington Post, or any other lefty news organization) tell it, McLeroy and others on the board are “Christian fundamentalists” and “radical right wingers.” That’s what leftists do to discredit traditional Americans: marginalize them. Since most Americans are not “fundamentalist” in nature, use of this word is very effective.

What leftists really fear are facts; for if kids know it’s Republicans, not Democrats, who are largely responsible for civil rights, or that racism is not the cause of every terrible thing that’s ever happened in America — then lefties can’t get their message across that America is an awful place.

“The history books are critical and show an ugly side of American history,” says student David Conlon in a 2008 documentary called Indoctrination U.

Conlon talked about the “Bias and Sensitivity Review” board on his college campus, whose goal is to water down the facts to make things sound more palatable. For example, Native Americans were not savages but “peacemakers,” and textbooks can’t show women cooking because — naturally — modern women aren’t supposed to be in the kitchen. These are just two of countless examples of liberal bias in the classroom.

Chester Finn, author and former assistant secretary of education, says textbooks “propagandize children in the hopes that they will think about things the way they want them to think about things”; and Diane Ravitch, educational policy analyst and former United States Assistant Secretary of Education, says that the point is to “create a world that doesn’t exist.”

But it’s Sandra Stotsky, a member of the Massachusetts Board of Ed and author of Losing Our Language, who explains the genesis of what has happened in our public institutions.

“One of the origins goes back to the civil rights movement and the question was how to reduce what was seen as the alienation of black students and what was perceived as a white curriculum. Instead of being a movement to help make sure black children learn how to read, write, and do arithmetic well, it became a movement to foment anti-American or anti-Western feelings.”

Indeed, lefitsts have spent decades dumbing down our nation’s textbooks and now along comes the Texas Board of Ed to help straighten out the mess and all of the sudden these folks are “right wingers” who want to “rewrite history. Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. The Texas Board of Ed is in fact trying to stop leftists from rewriting history — which is going to be a tall order since for years now they have held themselves up as moral arbitors of American history.

Texans are no more backward or “fundamentalist” than any other Americans; they simply realize what we’re dealing with in fighting the intellectual elite who consider themselves the enlightened ones. Hopefully Texas will lead the way in putting an end to the madness.

Suzanne Venker is an author, blogger, and former teacher. You can read more of her work at No Bull Mom and Right Pundits.

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