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Stewart’s Glenn Beck Impression: The Best Ever?

Posted on March 19 2010 10:16 am
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“Progressivism is a cancer in America,” Glenn Beck said during his keynote speech at CPAC this year. He’s also repeatedly said it on his show. Jon Stewart, a progressive, reacted last night with a long monologue styled after Beck. And, I must say, it was pretty hilarious, topped off by Jon Stewart wearing white sneakers with his suit. Watch when he bends over onto the floor, at one point he actually shifts his feet, maybe realizing it would be better to hide them.

I guess when your feet are never on camera, it’s tempting to be relaxed and dress that way. I have used Skype to do a T.V. show before, and I have done just that. Knowing only the upper half of my body would be seen, I sometimes wear my gym shorts underneath. I’ve been tempted to take it a bit further but I live with family.

Take a look at Stewart’s Beck-a-tribe below:

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As you know from my last post, I sympathize with Stewart’s annoyance at portraying anything left-of-center as taking the express way to communism. As pointed out by Stewart, the same argument can be made that social conservatives are dragging us into theocracy. I would add that the same argument could be used to say small government advocates are driving us to corpocracy or libertarians are bringing us to anarchy.

Although I appreciate Stewart pointing out that this argument swings both ways, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him express this level of aggravation over critics of de-regulation or shrinking government. He’s a comedian and isn’t a real newscaster so we can’t complain that he is biased, but if he demands respect given to one position of the argument, it’d be nice to see him demand respect for the side he is not on. He’s mocked Keith Olbermann to great effect before, but when has he actually tried to make people think by showing there is reason and compassion behind the political ideology he does not share?

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