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From the White House to the Slaughter House

Posted on March 19 2010 3:00 pm
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I was listening to “The Glenn Beck Program” on the radio while frantically trying to find the address of the Senior Citizen’s Center in an unfamiliar, nearby town. My daughter was scheduled to perform there and I was lost. Beck was talking about some senator who said that the U.S. resembled Prague in the eighties. “Crap,” I thought, “Is it that bad?”  The mixture of tension that I felt from what Beck was saying and the frustration of not being able to find my destination gelled into a sudden moment of clarity. For some time, I have been troubled by the threat posed by our ever growing Federal Government but have continued to go about my life. Shopping, driving kids around, and doing what I can politically- all while watching the government from the corner of my eye. The debate over Health Care Reform and the Slaughter Solution has caused me to refocus. The passage of  Obamacare in this underhanded fashion is the event for which we’ve been watching. Everything in my life, barring catastrophe, can wait until this bill is defeated.

“The Slaughter Solution” strikes me as far more ominous than this and other “news” sources will report for two reasons. #1: “Slaughter” is a graphic and appropriate word for this procedure. If successful, politicians will no longer have to pay lip service to laws and the Constitution. How ironic is it that Louise Slaughter thought up this insidious solution? #2: The Democrat Party, (No, I wont call them the Democratic Party), tactic of changing the name from “The Slaughter Solution” to “Deeming” to make the idea more palatable, fails to persuade. Kings and Dictators of Banana Republics “deem” things to be so – not members of a Representative Republic.

Moreover, I am alarmed by the twisted abuse of reason, law, and procedure proposed by this solution. The aim of “The Slaughter Solution”  is to pass the Health Care Reform Bill by having the House vote on “fixes” to the Senate Bill rather than the Bill itself and then have the President sign the Frankenstein’s monster into law. This means that the House will pass a bill that they didn’t actually vote on. If this so called solution makes no sense to you, you’re not alone; evil schemes only make sense to dictators and useful idiots.

The danger of passing this epic bill via a procedural trick lies in the fact that, when accomplished, laws and rules become meaningless. If the Obama Administration can succeed in perpetrating this abuse despite the rules of the House, the Senate, and the will of the American people, what is left to hold the power of the Executive Branch in check? We have already seen the previously unimaginable become reality through the fascist takeover of our banks and car companies. Who has intervened to stop these unconstitutional takeovers? If the HCR Bill passes because of this procedure it will also mark the passage of our nation from Democratic Republic to Dictatorship. So, what are you doing this week?

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