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Dear Media Matters: Catholics call them ‘sins of omission’

Posted on March 19 2010 12:00 pm
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Media Matterslatest “gotcha” goes like this:

National Catholic Reporter Endorses Health Care Bill

With some pro-lifers trying to make the health care debate an argument over abortion, it was interesting to see the National Catholic Reporter, which knows a thing or two about anti-abortion views, come out in favor of the Obama health care plan.

And then they quote the NCR editorial at length.

Trouble is, I read the National Catholic Reporter every week for years, when I worked at a Catholic paper that considered itself the Canadian equivalent of NCR. And I can assure you that a lot of Catholics wouldn’t recognize the Catholicism in NCR‘s pages.

The paper has always more or less promoted “hippie Jesus” (see above) Marxist liberation theology, female ordination to the priesthood, nuclear disarmament, the writings of dissident priests and nuns, and other trendy “Spirit of Vatican II” stuff. To NCR, Pope John Paul II and his work to destroy the Soviet Union, are a distinct embarrassment, to say the least.

So Media Matters’ triumph at having discovered a “Catholic” endorsement of Obamacare is pretty comical. And a bit sinister, since they quite deliberately neglect to tell readers that many critics feel NCR distorts Church teachings in a leftward direction.

In other words, they’re those “social justice” Christians that Glenn Beck has been so critical of lately. (“Social justice” being, as I like to think of it, “the stubborn application of unworkable solutions to imaginary problems.”)

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