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Tweet This: Gore sez, ‘can I get a witness’?

Posted on March 18 2010 6:09 pm
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Big Al is nothing if not consistent.  Monday’s tweet “exposing the denials” about the so called climate crisis tweren’t enough for mister internet.  Mr. Gore continues to fiddle while D.C. burns it up with an ever so slightly larger issue called HCR.   And again this afternoon he regales the twitterverse AND those pesky  “deniers” with this:

Compelling testimony from climate crisis witnesses #climate

Ohhhhh, WITNESSES.  Witnesses?  Seriously Al? What in the hell is a “climate crisis witness”?

His Nobel Peace Prizeness is referring to the women from Peru, Senegal and Uganda who testified on Capital Hill Monday.

Apparently impoverishment is another result of that nasty old global warning, so these women brought their truly sad & dire predicaments to Washington.  Droughts, floods , freezing temps and disease are obviously problematic in impoverished and agrarian countries.  But I fail to see how that makes these women CLIMATE CHANGE WITNESSES????

The continued braying about the climate “crisis” has now officially crossed over into SNL skit territory.

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