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Ridiculously Exaggerated Political Rhetoric is Fun, Kids!

Posted on March 18 2010 11:19 am
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Does anyone ever feel like the opposition, no matter what party it is, tends to go a little in the nutty direction? I understand the frustration of seeing decisions made that you feel are dead wrong for the country being made and you can’t stop them, but sometimes the opposition goes a bit far in their tongue-lashings.

Last night on The Daily Show, one such instance was pointed out. Rep. Steve King of Iowa was criticizing the Democrats’ health care plan, and noted how people were reacting in large numbers to fight the spread of big government. So far, so good. Then, he decided to give us a little historical context. He compared the protests to the uprising against Communism in Czechoslovakia. Ironically, as the Daily Show correspondent pointed out, the democratic Czech Republic that sprung from that revolution has universal health care—the thing he’s criticizing Obama for. Oops.

See the video below:

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Now, before you say anything, I do understand the point that Rep. King was clumsily trying to make. It is inspiring when people combine forces and take time out of their busy lives to stop encroachments on their freedom, but placing today’s protests on the same level as the Velvet Revolution is a bit of a stretch.

I remember during President Bush’s two terms what it was like, especially in the schools. Everything he did was put in the context of how much like a Nazi or fascist he was. It drove me insane. Today, there is similar rhetoric against Obama but it is less widespread, and I am thankful for that. We can’t complain about how poorly educated Americans are in political affairs if we don’t speak out against the rhetoric of exaggerated comparisons and gross simplifications that have gotten them there.

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