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Remember when civil disobedience was cool?

Posted on March 18 2010 12:00 pm
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Media Matters is now pretending to be outraged about Rush Limbaugh talking up “noncompliance with the health care reform legislation once it’s signed into law” for “the third time.”

Here’s Rush yesterday:

But I just can’t — I can’t — just don’t believe that here we are in 2010, and in three days the United States of America ceases to be a representative republic and turns into a veritable tyrannical dictatorship, which is essentially what’s going to happen if this health care bill passes. I just — and if it does pass, the American people aren’t going to put up with it. They aren’t gonna comply.

Never mind the dodgy legality of the healthcare bill itself, and those ever evolving “voting procedures.” I’m old enough to remember when “breaking the law for a good cause” was a favored leftist tactic. Civil disobedience and all that. Contrast Rush Limbaugh’s vague talk about “noncompliance,” and (to cite just one example) the actual burning of physical draft cards (illegal!) during the Vietnam War. But hey, we all know it’s different when they do it.

The George Soros Steno Pool is in a self-induced bind this week. On the one hand, Media Matters has a number of staffers clinging to Limbaugh’s every word; on the other hand, they’ve been trying to ignore the juiciest Rush story around…

People who don’t listen to Rush assume that he must be forever telling his listeners to call and fax their Congressmen about this or that. Lots of talk radio hosts do that. But in fact, Limbaugh has only played that card once before. He’s no dummy: with 20 million listeners, he knows it’s best to keep that very precious and combustible powder dry. Heck, “powder” isn’t the word; Rush knows he’s sitting on, well, “Fat Man.” His huge listenership is an empowered, energized, loyal, articulate and highly motivated weapon of last resort.

On Tuesday, Limbaugh decided it was last resort time. The Hill subsequently reported a 500,000 call tsunami hitting the Congressional switchboard. Rush told listeners on Wednesday:

I know a couple people who are journalists, and they said they couldn’t get through to their secret sources and their secret sources inside the Capitol couldn’t reach them.  They had to go outside, use a cell phone or something.  I don’t see any reason to stop this.


People are having trouble making outgoing calls from inside the Capitol.  That was the case yesterday afternoon, I’m told it is the case today, and I’m told there’s quite a lot of frustration about this.  [Show call screener] ‘Snerdley’ made an interesting point to me mere moments ago, “What’s going on with the media here?  Normally they would be attacking the hell out of you for doing this.  You’re irresponsible, showboating, you’re just an entertainer, you’re gumming up the works.  But they’re not doing that, they’re not even saying that this is illegitimate.  They’re reporting it down the line, factually correct.”  One of the few times in history that something about me is being reported straight, factual, down the line and it is a curiosity.  Why?  I have no idea why.  This seems made to order, you know, to beat me over the coals again…

And yet, the “watchdogs” at Media Matters haven’t barked, or even wimpered, about this rare and dramatic phenomenon. Odd.

Gee, I hope folks will remember this incident when they consider bringing back the Fairness Doctrine

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