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Twog Asks: What Is “Zlahm”, Johnny?

Posted on March 17 2010 11:25 am
Divorced Dad of three. Collection A.V.P. by day, humor/political blogger after the evening dishes. Looking for hot/wealthy/uber-lifted Scottsdale Granny for hi-jinks, hiking, and Saturday-morning coffee. Is this e-harmony?
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Twog is getting curiouser and curiouser: After only a short time on our planet, he is devouring books and position papers like a young JFK, or possibly even our great and benevolent leader…and once  his Louis Jourdan cranial plug-in device is fully operational, he will be every bit the urbane and well-spoken Bon Vivant.

In the meantime, there are gaps in his intelligence – and his verbal abilities are at the level of maybe a five-year-old.

Today he looked at me with his large Lemur-like eyes, and asked me a question that no doubt had been vexing him for several days:

“Johnny? What Is ‘Zlahm’?”

How to get this information to him in a form that he could digest and that wouldn’t paralyze him with hostility? I didn’t want him to be a hater now, did I?

“Twog, Islam is one of the three great monotheistic religions of history. Its members believe in peace and good tidings to all people – as long as they are Muslim.

“And even then there are issues.”

He turned this around in his rapidly-developing brain.

“Why does Zlahm make people so mad, Johnny? Everyone is tense at the blog. Liz threw Twog’s Hot Pockets out the window!”

“Well, buddy, the Big Sticks are going at it a bit, and everyone’s trying to get out of the way. Islam is a subject that fires people up, because if we don’t deal with it the right way, well…how would you like your Aunt Liz to have to wear a Burka?”

He thought this over, then brightened.

“I like hats too, Johnny!”

He skipped off, caught up in his own little Alien dream-world. He was starting to get it, no doubt about it.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, take a look at what all the ruckus is about, here and here.


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