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Today’s Twitter Tidbit: Media Matters Has Never Seen a Rating They Can’t Explain

Posted on March 17 2010 1:37 pm
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I may have missed it, but apparently those bastions of reporting known as The Huffington Post, CBS Evenings News and even the United Press International (UPI) have turned into right-wing mouthpieces.   At least the clear-thinkers of at Media Matters think so:

The ever entertaining Eric Boehlert over at MM tweets repeatedly today that:

The media myth of Obama’s “falling poll numbers”;

Boehlert’s chicken little assertion is that the media is unfairly lambasting the O Administration and the leadership of this Prez.  Oh, woe is me.  Earth-to-Eric:  Obama’s approval rating IS poor and it IS because his performance & record are totally out of sync with America.

But even more ludicrous than failing to grasp the reality is that according to the progressives at Media Matters any reporting of real-albeit-weak-approval ratings is:

Feeding off right-wing talking points, political journalists love to push the idea that Obama’s polling numbers are in the tank and that he’s fading fast.

Feeding off right-wing talking points? Huh?  Damn it, I missed that too.  Webster defines delusional as:

as a persistent psychotic belief despite indisputable evidence to the contrary

I define it as…todays tweet!

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