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The Moderate Islam That Never Was

Posted on March 17 2010 12:35 am
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I have been cringing observing the debate between several NewsReal bloggers and John R. Guardiano about the existence — or lack thereof — of a “moderate Islam.” Once again, no matter what evidence and arguments are presented to the “there is a moderate Islam” proponent, it’s all useless, as they just go back to the same mantras they regurgitate over and over again, not absorbing anything that was just said to them.

When Robert Spencer entered the battle, it was clearly the end. He sliced, as always, through all the BS and presented the irrefutable case that there is no such thing as a moderate Islam. And now, lo and behold, Guardiano counters by saying he will deal with Spencer’s arguments later but then, suddenly, he goes back to mantras that show that, once again, he has not digested anything that has just been said to him. Anyone who reads Spencer’s post and gets the facts straight, cannot possibly, with good conscience or sound mind, write what Guardino writes in his latest post.

This is why I urge Spencer: for your own time, sanity and energy, please do not continue with this, as no matter what you will say again after this round, Guardiano will again return to his repetitions, as if you had never spoken.

Mr. Guardiano, in your latest post, in the second to last paragraph, you reveal that you have entered a dialogue about a subject that you do not understand and the main essence of which completely eludes you.

You write:

After all, our entire strategy in Iraq, Afghanistan — and, indeed, the entire Muslim world — is to empower moderate-minded Muslims while isolating the radicals. How condemning the entire Islamic religion — and in such virulent and off-putting ways — helps to achieve this is beyond me.

No one ever said they are against empowering moderate-minded Muslims. Doing so is vital. And this is not about condemning or not condemning the “entire Islamic religion.” The point is that there is no moderate Islam. Period. All kinds of Muslims exist who believe many different things, and there can be Muslims who ignore Islamic teachings or who practice a relaxed version of Islam or who want to create a new and different kind of Islam. And we need to work with many of them and support many of them. But this has nothing to do with what Islam is and what it teaches. (See my debate with Dinesh D’Souza).

If you still can’t grasp this point, after Spencer’s message to you, it really is hopeless, trust me. And you are insulting everyone and yourself by getting people to engage in correspondence with you, since you take up space in NewsReal by regurgitating the same arguments over and over again, yet consistently ignoring the main point of what is being said to you.

(Hint: produce a school of Islamic jurisprudence — there are four — that says that Islam’s goal is not world domination and that mandates all believers to not wage war against unbelievers and not to subjugate them, but to love and treat them as equals.)

(P.S. The graphic you have chosen is telling about your disrespect for the historical record and for truth, a disposition you have brought to your attempted debate about Islam. Aside from McCarthy’s tactics, which can be condemned, are you familiar with the Venona transcripts and Harvey Klehr’s, John Haynes’s and Alexander Vassiliev’s Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America? The historical evidence proves the overwhelming Soviet infiltration of American government and society and demonstrates that McCarthy had underestimated its extent.)

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