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Obama Dodges Every Single Question During FOX Interview with Bret Baier

Posted on March 17 2010 8:47 pm
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I wish I could say I heard anything new or interesting in President Barack Obama’s interview with Bret Baier, but all I got was the same old dishonest, deceptive and unsubstantiated double talk.

Baier’s first question was whether Obama supported the Slaughter Strategy. He never answered the question, and went off on his standard campaign style justification for his health care bill.

Baier’s second question came from viewer’s eMails asking why, if the bill was so good, that even with his huge majority, he couldn’t pass it and had to resort to bribes & trickery. Again, he avoided answering the question entirely.

Baier’s next question was about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s statement that she liked the Slaughter approach, “because they don’t have to vote on it.” Obama’s answer again avoided the question, and started to use beltway double speak by saying they still had to sequence the votes (???), and then he started talking about how people suffered during Hurricane Katrina.

After talking about the Nebraska deal that he felt wasn’t right, he couldn’t say whether the Florida deal was in or out. Baier then quoted Obama himself when he was a senator, saying that a president can’t govern if he passes bills through reconciliation, and asked him if he thought he could govern if health care was passed this way. No surprise here, Obama just ignored the question and said he was more concerned with the poor people who need health care. He double-talked his way around the issue of the cuts in Medicare, and the “Doctor Fix” which he said had been a problem for 4 years that he had inherited and wasn’t his fault.

In summary, he didn’t answer even one of Bret Baier’s questions.

I was hoping that Baier would close by saying something like “Mr. President, with all due respect, you haven’t answered even one of my questions, but thank you for your time just the same.”

I’m sure that the interview was recorded earlier on the condition that the White House had to approve of it before it could be aired, and that Baier, who I like, did the best he could to wring some truth out of Obama, a concept that’s apparently foreign to him

Sadly, it was just more of the same old, same old, same old….

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