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My Entry Into, And Exit From The Debate Over “Moderate Islam”

Posted on March 16 2010 11:21 pm
John L. Work is a veteran of twenty years of Colorado law enforcement service and a graduate of Cal State Long Beach, B.A. and M.A. He has been a contributor and featured columnist for NewsRealBlog since January of 2010, and a guest columnist for FrontPageMagazine.
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Thusfar I’ve glanced at the ongoing arguments here at NRB, but not closely, as to whether or not moderate Islam exists or does not exist.  Having been informed tonight that my name appeared in a couple of John Guardiano’s articles, I will take this opportunity to correct an error.  In his post of March 14, Guardiano stated the following:

“…This is not to say that Islam is a religion of peace. Rather it is to say that Islam is far more rich and complicated than the simple caricature of Islam created by vehement right-wing critics like Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online, and yes, my colleague here at NewsReal Blog, John L. Work.

In any case, going to war, either literally or metaphorically, against Islam is as imprudent and unwise as it is unnecessary. Muslims, after all, are an estimated one-fifth of the world’s population and are a majority in some 57 countries.

The United States is seriously challenged to win the wars it is now in in two of those countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. Opening up a second front, this time against all of Islam, seems to me to be completely impractical and profoundly stupid. Yet, that seems to be the approach urged upon us by right-wing critics like Spencer, McCarthy and Work…”

I do not urge, and never have urged, opening a front against all of Islam.  I have advocated, and do continue to advocate, getting our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bring them home.  We’ve done enough for the Iraqis.  I’m in complete agreement with retired U.S. Army Major General Paul Vallely that we should let Afghanistan go.

It is time to do a massive re-thinking and re-evaluation of how we are going to defend ourselves from the world-wide jihad movement.  This re-figuring must take into account the laws and beliefs of Islam.

I’m not a scholar.  Mr. Spencer and his colleagues are the experts.  My very rudimentary understanding of Muslim law is based upon reading the works of Spencer, Bat Ye’or, Walid Shoebat, Stephen Coughlin, Diana West, Hugh Fitzgerald, Frank Gaffney and a few others.  I humbly defer to the learned professionals to argue the intricacies of the Muslim doctrines.

I will tell you this from my twenty years as a cop:  In criminal law, if ten mutual friends know and believe that one among them is about to commit a murder, and no one in the group does or says anything to try to stop the commission of the act, they are all equally guilty of the crime by the doctrine of complicity. Apply that doctrine, if you think it fits, to the violent minority jihad movement and the larger World of Islam.

I sincerely thank Mr. Guardiano for his service to our country in The United States Marine Corps.  And with that I shall take my leave from this debate.

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