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Jospeh Stalin Exposed: A.K.A. Why I’ll Never Understand Men (Feminist Hawk Meets Ryan Mauro)

Posted on March 16 2010 10:19 am
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Editor’s Note: See Ryan Mauro’s post on Rielle Hunter here.

Devouring Remembering a Dissident, FrontPage Editor Jamie Glazov’s long-awaited tribute to his father, I came face to face with the insane thirst for power that drove Joseph Stalin and I began to understand something about male psychology. It also explains why I have stayed married to my husband, one of those rare men not interested in ruling the world after killing fifty million people to achieve dominion. Between Glazov’s well penned lines, one begins to suspect what a desperately evil genius Joseph Stalin must have been to leave behind the country confronted by Yuri Glazov.

Learning of Stalin, I couldn’t help but recognize the same megalomaniacal thinking that exists in males, generally between the ages of 2 and 98. Y’know, the type of thinking that says that everything is justified so long as you want to crush humanity under the boot of your supreme authority.

It doesn’t’ matter if people don’t want to live in a Gulag, because despots feel fulfilled when they annihilate millions of people by starvation. It doesn’t matter if these boys deceive others by projecting the “Father of his people, care-taker” image, while punishing people who don’t agree with them. It doesn’t matter that people’s lives are ruined, that’s all okay, because control-freak men are so happy to force everyone to do what they want.

When you look at pictures of Stalin, he is usually posing with the entire Soviet military parading at his feet. Yup, he’s not trying to threaten humanity into submission!

From everything one reads about Stalin, a typical male, it is clear that he did whatever it took to destroy his rivals and massacre the people he thought were threats to his total reign of terror. He even pretended to serve and honor Lenin as a mentor, giving no indication that he was plotting his friend’s death and ruin, you know, the kind of stuff we women have to put up with every day.

Stalin always said that leading the Soviet Union to absolute world domination overrode any other issues, such as the messy problem of ten million dead in the Ukraine in a single year. Stalin, reminds me of just about every guy out there and explains why I just have such a hard time relating to all but one or two of them.

I’m going to hire some biochemists and create a reality pill. Any interested investors can feel free to email me.

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