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Jihad Jane, YouTube, and Me

Posted on March 16 2010 5:16 am
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Social networking and the jihad.

I have been somewhat reluctant to write about my encounters with Jihad Jane/Fatima LaRose because I have come to the conclusion that notoriety was exactly what she was always after, probably having given up on respect or happiness long ago. She struck me as someone whose entire life was one big, desperate cry for attention and help. It never occurred to me that she was actually dangerous, just a pathetic wannabe who wanted to be accepted by other Muslims suffering from teenage angst. I was wrong.

I was never a member of the Smackdown Corps, just someone with a YouTube account and an avatar which Jihad Jane hated with a passion. Our relationship, if one can call it that, consisted of her stalking me around YouTube for about a month last spring, when she was using her Justice4OurSisters, jihadjaneishere, and BeyondPrincess (or some analogue of BeyondPrincess) accounts. I frequently receive death threats on YouTube, so I don’t pay much attention to regular old trolls, which is what I thought Jihad Jane was at first, before her obsessive tendencies became more apparent. I already knew who she was from the Jawa Report and because she had cloned my friend’s account to smear her, but I didn’t realize it was her contacting me at first.

She started leaving messages on my channel, usually in spurts, late last April or early last May. I tend not to block users who just insult me (or whatever they think I am, which was recently a gay Persian-Zionist government in Los Angeles) or leave Nazi comments. I typically only block users who threaten me, spam me, or advocate genocide. Jihad Jane mostly came up with colorful ways to call me a Jew so I let her do her thing until she started private messaging me to call me a Jew, at which point I blocked her because I consider that spam. Then I blocked her a few more times until she went away.

Typical comments on my YouTube channel.  “Zog” means “Zionist-occupied government.”  I had to look it up.

She did not appreciate my rejection, but then again, she was always really angry at me when I ignored her, before I blocked her. I know I hurt her feelings because she went from calling me a Jew to vaguely threatening me with messages like “If I knew where you lived…” After I blocked her she must have known that I would block her again when she used her other accounts to contact me, so she probably wanted to make her last few messages count.

She was clearly off the rails by the time she started messaging me. I hadn’t realized until now that she used to write in something resembling sentences, but when she contacted me she was writing either in very short phrases punctuated only with ellipses (demonstrating an inability to hold a thought for very long) or in fairly long run-on sentences, usually ending in questions but lacking question marks, which I interpret as demonstrating a rambling, incoherent thought process. She wrote like a crazy person of functional intelligence, not your typical “,,y u insolt Holly quoran?!?!?!!!,,” sort of semi-literate Islamo-troll. I always figured she wrote the long sentences when she was depressed and the short phrases when she was manic, or even vice versa. It was obvious that she consciously threw in all the cutesy texting conventions to try to fit in with thirteen year-olds and those who hang out in certain types of chatrooms with them. That’s my semi-professional linguistic analysis of her particular brand of crazy.

I am by no means the only person whom she cyberstalked during that period of time. As I mentioned above, Jane/Fatima made an unflattering clone of my friend’s account which to which my friend would not grant me permission to link here. Jihad Jane hates my friend because she is a “crusader” (a veteran), which is apparently worse than a Jew in ehadi-land. Several members of a group I belong to received multiple love letters from Jihad Jane within a fairly short period of time, so her cyberstalking activities may have just been a short phase. I only just learned that she started raising funds for jihad about a month after the last time I blocked her.

The more I learn about Jihad Jane, the more apparent it becomes what attracted her to the jihad. She obviously has a deep-seated martyr complex. She constantly seeks attention, often of the negative sort, and her thought process consists of hatred and blame. Imagine a picture angering you so much that it would cause you to spend hours harassing another person. I can’t do it, either.

Being someone who thinks the whole world is out to get her, she set herself up for rejection over and over, each rejection angering her more than the previous one. That’s what trolls do: set themselves up for rejection to feed their martyr complexes. If you ignore them, they interpret that as rejection. If you respond and disagree with their indefensible comments, they interpret that as rejection. If you block them, that’s rejection, too. Each time you reject a troll it further supports their belief that everyone who disagrees with them is a “hater” (one of Jihad Jane’s favorite words, and a word which acquires a particularly sad tone when used by women in their mid-40s).

The jihad seemed perfect for Colleen because she is someone who tries to manufacture persecution as an excuse to hurt people, which she clearly fantasizes about doing quite a bit. The more I think about it, the more apparent it becomes that her cyberstalking of me was emblematic of her martyr complex. I am a live-and-let-live sort of person who is concerned with the truth and preserving Western civilization. The only contact I have with Muslims on YouTube aside from Iranian Green movement users consists of the occasional response to an out-there comment on my videos or my page. Nonetheless, Jihad Jane regarded my existence as mortally offensive.

Why? First, because of my avatar. Muslims on YouTube frequently write me to remind me that they “turn me in” to the proper YouTube authorities (who don’t take death threats very seriously) every single day. It is one thing for a Saudi who has lived an incredibly sheltered life to happen upon my avatar and get offended because my avatar would be grounds for execution in Shariastan. It is quite something else for an American who has known nothing but pure freedom of speech for 40+ years to suddenly become offended by a funny picture. This is quite telling, I think, because it demonstrates the sort of “persecution” radical Muslims cite as excuses to kill people. Moderate Muslims like Khalim Massoud and the Iranian users I know tend to find it funny and worry about the people getting killed by jihadis. One Iranian user told me that my avatar functions as a great litmus test within the Green movement because those who are offended by it clearly have no desire to live under secular, democratic rule.

Second, Jihad Jane really didn’t like my video of Egyptian Muslims torturing and killing the Copts’ pigs, which you may notice has been flagged. I think this demonstrates her utter narcissism because what she claimed to take issue with was my “portrayal” of Muslims in a negative light. In her mind, they didn’t torture and kill the pigs; I just made it look that way (even though it clearly says in the description that I ripped from Coptic News), even though she agreed with what they did and said that they should have thrown the Copts into the quicklime along with the pigs.

Pretty hypocritical for someone who spent all day favoriting videos of Muslims killing and torturing people. The users who post those aren’t “haters,” only kafirs who upload much milder videos qualify for that label. Muslims do this a lot, like when they claim that the Joooos were responsible for 9/11 in the same breath as they praise Osama bin Laden, or when they deny that the Holocaust ever happened while praising Hitler. They are masters of doublethink and doubletalk.

The Copts’ big-budget ruse to smear Muslims, who really love pigs.

Third, she didn’t appreciate it when I explained how tranny hookers like her would almost certainly fare much better in the West than in any Sharia state. I was only kidding about the tranny thing, but the hooker thing really bothered her because she was an actual prostitute, both before and after she became afflicted with adult onset Islam. The only difference was that after her conversion, when she traded crystal meth for jihad, she began openly soliciting tricks (Muslim “husbands”) online. As with the Egyptian pig-culling video somehow not being real but still being incredibly offensive, selling one’s body for money wasn’t prostitution in her mind; I just “portrayed” it that way (along with every dictionary and legal text in the world) and possessing a fourth-grade vocabulary is absolutely intolerable to her.

When I learned that she had been plotting to kill artist Lars Vilks, the only thing that surprised me was the fact that she made good on her trash talk. Still, for someone who inverts reality to fabricate persecution all the time, he was a pretty pathetic target. If, as she constantly claims, Muslims are supposedly being killed worldwide (by people other than Muslims, I mean) and if there is an enormous Zionist conspiracy against Islam, and if Muslims are suffering so badly (from anything other than Islam and Sharia), why choose to carry out a jihad against a cartoonist? Couldn’t she find a more worthwhile cause for which to fight and die? How does cartoon jihad serve the suffering and dying Muslims around the world?

It doesn’t, and suffering and dying Muslims were never her concern. Notoriety was. Killing Lars Wilks would get her on the news and maybe earn her a monument in Libya or something, because committing suicide by cop while killing innocent people for a ridiculous non-reason is pretty much the height of awesomeness to someone suffering from a martyr complex. Jihad Jane’s martyr complex was so severe that she thought she was being persecuted, by whom I have idea, because she had to take care of her mother in her old age. Compare her worldview to that of someone with a soul like Jim Hoft, who cared for his elderly mother for eight years:

This beautiful woman moved into my home in 2001. I was so blessed every day to watch her and care for her; to cook for her and clean for her. I was honored to serve her…It was a blessing to care for this brilliant woman.

I have no advice as to how to deal with people like Jihad Jane except to take them at their word and not dismiss them simply because they are losers and/or nutty, which we all did. We never thought she was actually dangerous. We were wrong. Rusty Shackleford, after listing all the many people who helped bring her down, wrote this:

I think we all thought of Colleen as pathetic and perhaps deranged. But at some time a year or more ago she also caught this person’s attention and they made the judgment that Colleen was also dangerous.

Dangerous people tend to be pathetic. That’s why they fabricate alternate realities in which everyone is persecuting them: so they have someone else to blame for their problems, thereby allowing them to skirt all responsibility in life. Rabidly anti-American/anti-Semitic people all live in this alternate reality which must be constantly validated because the truth continually threatens to negate it.

That’s why Islam appealed to Jihad Jane. Islam sets up a zero-sum/us-vs.-them worldview in which kafirs are always plotting against them, so Joooos, Zionists, and “haters” absorb all the blame for everything, however irrational the line of thinking behind blaming them may be. She could also claim her mother was persecuting her for becoming a Muslim, which she obviously chose to do out of rebellion, sort of like when a sixteen year-old wears very dark lipstick out of the house to irritate her father because she thinks he’s persecuting her by maliciously making her curfew too early. (11:30 really was ridiculous, though).

In retrospect, it occurs to me that they’re all potentially dangerous and more than “perhaps deranged.” People who believe in fairy tales like Zionist conspiracies, the cold-blooded murder of Muhamed al Dura, Israeli war crimes, the “great cause” of Kosovo, or the “official version” of Srebrenica are certainly crazy enough to kill because a drawing supposedly caused people to suffer somehow. Anyone who can claim that a man who raped a six year-old is not a pedophile, or that sexually assaulting a clueless six year-old is not rape, or that people who sell their bodies for money are not prostitutes, or that videos of events reported in such right-wing reactionary publications as the New York Times are fabricated through a Zionist conspiracy are all certifiably insane and absolutely immune to reality.

People who simply cannot tolerate the existence of those who think differently than they do are all potential killers because human life has no value to them. They dehumanize people. It turns out that Jane/Colleen condoned the murder of a sixteen-year-old girl for being a moderate Muslim, which to Jane meant just letting everyone live and do their thing. I’m not surprised, really, since Jane spent all day conditioning herself to the point at which human life was worthless. People who watch snuff porn all day are not mentally stable. Period.

Finally, YouTube needs to do far more to protect its users and cooperate with law enforcement because as far as I can tell they have always dismissed all death threats outright. I no longer even forward the death threats I receive to, who apparently only respond to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. I find it outrageous that I forwarded them Jihad Jane’s death threats such as “If I knew where you lived…,” which she sent because she hated my avatar, and they did nothing. Still think she was kidding, YouTube? She plotted to kill someone over a drawing. They are never kidding. They just lack the resources and the intellect to make good on those threats. Law enforcement should be watching all of them like a big bureaucratic hawk.

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