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Ex-CIA Case Officer Exposes CIA’s Epic Fail on Colbert Report; Patrick Kennedy’s Rant an Easy Target on the Daily Show

Posted on March 16 2010 12:29 am
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Stephen Colbert had an interview with former CIA case officer Robert Baer on his program tonight, discussing the December 30 suicide bombing in Afghanistan by a Jordanian double-agent for Al-Qaeda. He was discussing his piece (click here) in GQ Magazine, essential reading for all metrosexuals, about how the attack could have been prevented.

Baer pointed out that the Jordanian, who the CIA believed was a loyal mole inside Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, was not put through a metal detector or searched before meeting with 13 people when he arrived in Afghanistan. They greeted him as an honored guest, he greeted them with explosives. Even the fact that more than one person was meeting with the mole was a mistake. He complains that the CIA is overwhelmed by the two wars they are fighting and is short on people, resulting in inexperienced people quickly rising through the ranks.

Later, he bashes privatization of intelligence and mentions the Blackwater incident in Iraq where civilians were killed. Don’t get me wrong, there has to be oversight to make sure such companies have every reason to minimize any misconduct, but I wouldn’t say the mistakes of these contractors are any worse than that of the CIA, as the example above shows. If the CIA can’t do the job for whatever reason, we need to look at privatization as a way of filling the gaps. And if you screw up, you lose your contracts, probably go bankrupt, no one else will do business with you and you are potentially prosecuted.

I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think the people responsible in the CIA for messing up face consequences like that.


On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had a lot of fun poking at Congressman Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island for his angry rant, the likes of which I’ve only seen happen at a bar near closing. The video is below:

I don’t know why, but as Congressman Kennedy (who seems to think Donald Trump has a good hairstyle) is yelling, I can’t help but think of one of the puppets from Comedy Central’s old prank call show, “Crank Yankers.” Anyone else notice that every time he talks, he opens his mouth as wide as possible like he’s about to eat a Mega-Burger?

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