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Bill Maher’s HuffPo Column: “Firing All the Teachers May Feel Good–We’re Americans, Kicking People When They’re Down is What We do”

Posted on March 16 2010 11:53 am
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Not long ago I wrote “Save a School-Fire a Teacher?” about a failing school district that fired all of its teachers in response to the outrageous demands from the teacher’s union.

Bill Maher has a different take on the situation. Maher writes in the Huffington Post:

“Fire the bad teachers, hire good ones from some undisclosed location, and hey, while we’re at it let’s cut taxes more. It’s the kind of comprehensive educational solution that could only come from a completely ignorant people.”

While completely ignoring the actual facts of the issue, Maher just makes up his own:

 “According to all the studies, it doesn’t matter what teachers do.”

Reading his column is like trying to pick up a coin that just fell into a public toilet; one has to really consider if that little bit is actually worth it.

“Although everyone appreciates foreplay. What matters is what parents do. The number one predictor of a child’s academic success is parental involvement. It doesn’t even matter if your kid goes to private or public school…It’s also been proven that just having books in the house makes a huge difference in a child’s development. If your home is adorned with nothing but Hummel dolls, DVDs, and bleeding Jesuses, congratulations, you’ve just given your children the gift of Duh. Sarah Palin said recently she wrote on her hand because her father used to do it. I rest my case.” 

(There was also a cheap-shot at Bush later in the post-surprise!)

I resisted the temptation to edit out the first line.  As usual, his analysis is shallow and faulty. The metaphorical coin in the midst of this swirling excrement, is that it does matter what parents do; parents are key. Not in how they decorate their house, it’s not good enough to decorate the shelves with books; they have to be read.

Maher is a case study in the leftist mentality. His disdain for parents, children, his country, and religion seeps through every incoherent paragraph. He uses imaginary experts and studies to justify his attempt at kicking his enemies (read his country, religion, Palin…the list is long) to death.

Bill Maher, should also be a wake-up call to parents. If we leave our history, traditions and political values up to the television and the academic elite, we will have children who believe as he does.

Books can change your life and shape your soul. What kind of books do you think Maher would read to a child? Given his view of Americans; my bet is on Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. 

What books are on your shelves?

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