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The ‘Slaughter Solution’ Is Nothing Short Of Treason Against The American Republic

Posted on March 15 2010 8:30 am
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Despite the shocking loss of Ted Kennedy’s old Massachusetts Senate seat and the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia and opinion polls consistently showing an overwhelming majority of Americans opposed to ObamaCare, progressives in the nation’s capital show no signs of backing off. They are hellbent on forcing change down the throats of Americans even if it means shredding the Constitution by using the so-called Slaughter Solution that would allow ObamaCare to pass without a vote on the legislation.

President George W. Bush, vilified as he was by the left when he was in office, didn’t try to impose his will on the American people without lawmakers taking a vote. Faux conservatives Karl Rove and former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) pushed the misguided, useless Medicare Part D plan (prescription drugs for seniors) and twisted lawmakers’ arms to get it passed. As contemptible as their behavior was to real conservatives (i.e. people who believe in limited government), even they didn’t try to ram their legislation through without the people’s representatives voting on it. They acknowledged by their behavior that Congress makes the laws.

But leftists don’t care about the Constitution and are content to transform America into a kind of low-grade dictatorship if it helps their healthcare nationalization legislation go through. They want it done and they want it done now by any means possible. (Historian Michael Zak likens the healthcare proposal to the infamous Enabling Act.)

If the flagrantly unconstitutional Slaughter Solution is used and allowed to stand it amounts in a sense to a coup d’etat, that is, a fundamental structural change in our system of government without the consent of the governed. Nothing will stop the Democrats in the future from imposing their will on the American people without taking a vote. Hello cap-and-trade and card check. Anyone who supports the Slaughter Solution supports a kind of treason against the Republic.

This is not a rhetorical flourish. Congress passes the laws of the land. If the laws of the land can be approved by Congress without a vote being taken in which lawmakers are forced to take a stand for or against, the whole idea of representative government is washed away.

Radio talk show host Mark Levin was dead on last week when he said on his show that House Rules Committee chairman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) should be expelled from Congress for promoting her authoritarian plan for avoiding a vote on ObamaCare. It should surprise no one that Slaughter is a longtime ally of organized crime syndicate ACORN which she voted to keep federal tax dollars flowing to even after ACORN workers were shown on video enabling the sexual exploitation of underage girls.

She’s not the only one who should be expelled from Congress. Anyone who supports the Slaughter Solution supports the overthrow of the American system of government. Anyone who votes for it should make their peace with the political gods because electoral judgment is coming in November.

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