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The Crack Cocaine That Is The Nanny State

Posted on March 15 2010 2:30 pm
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by Bill S.

Karl Marx famously stated that religion was the “opiate of the masses”. But Marx (unsurprisingly) had it wrong: the government nanny state is the real opiate of the masses. It is injected into our lives by the Leftist drug pushers who wish to control us, hook us on their DC-manufactured “progressivism”, and depend upon them for all of our needs. They know that once we’re hooked, we like it. We may not want to like it, because we know it’s really wrong to have such a dependency upon government. But we can’t help ourselves. There’s all that free stuff, just waiting for us to swallow it and make us feel good.

Today, many are rightfully up in arms about the looming disaster that is health care socialization. During the run-up to this catastrophe, many focused on the so-called “public option” and how evil it would be to have a single-payer or government health care provider (a’la the British NHS) system. But the “public option” was not the real problem – it is a government takeover of a vast swath of the American economy and the theft of freedom to choose whether we wish to be under the thumb of Big Brother. The Democrat drug lords are trying to get us to sample yet a stronger dope. What happens if this legislation passes? Will we have the will-power to resist? Or will we take a hit and find that we like it…and beg for more and more?

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