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Strike Two: John Guardiano Does not Make an Argument about Moderate Islam, He Makes an Asssertion.

Posted on March 15 2010 12:25 am
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John Guardiano claims today that moderate Islam exists because, well he said so.  After all, there are lots of Muslims.

John claims that I struck out in my analysis of moderate Islam.   But I made no such analysis.  I did not deny it exists—though I would challenge its relevance anywhere in the world except the United States, where people are free to practice nominal Islam the way others practice, say, cultural Catholicism.

What I challenged was his use of Dinesh D’Souza, whose book The Enemy Within is horribly researched and therefore speciously argued to trash Robert Spencer and Andrew McCarthy.  My statement was that “John Guardiano railed against caricaturing Islam today—by caricaturing conservatives like Robert Spencer and Andrew McCarthy.”

Here is the most egregious example:

GUARDIANO: The United States is seriously challenged to win the wars it is now in in two of those countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. Opening up a second front, this time against all of Islam, seems to me to be completely impractical and profoundly stupid. Yet, that seems to be the approach urged upon us by right-wing critics like Spencer, McCarthy and Work.

Way to knock down that straw man, John.  Yes, that would be stupid.  That’s why no one is proposing it.

So, how about answering this question, you write:

GUARDIANO: But to follow this approach, you first have to believe that Islam has an inherent truth which is worth explicating and developing. I believe that it does; my right-wing critics believe otherwise; and therein lies the crux of our dispute.

You’re finally right, I don’t believe that what is basically a 7th Century code for ruling nomadic people has much “inherent truth.”  However, you assert it does.

So, go ahead.  Educate us.  WHAT inherent truth?

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