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Rielle Hunter Speaks—A.K.A. Why I’ll Never Understand Women

Posted on March 15 2010 8:02 pm
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Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ mistress, decided to give an interview to GQ Magazine, and in so doing, provides some insight into the psychology of some females that helps explain why I’ve been single for over three years. Because the reason for that can’t be because I’m lame or have any negative qualities. Definitely not.

Reading the interview, I couldn’t help but see the same logic (or lack thereof) that exists in some females generally between the ages of 12 and their early 20s. Y’know, the type of thinking that says that everything is justified if love exists. It doesn’t matter that the guy is a scumbag—because they’re in love. It doesn’t matter that he’s trying to have his cake and eat it, too—that’s okay because she’s so happy to feel like she’s in love.

The first thing I noticed was the photo that went alongside of the interview. Hunter’s lying in bed, with her baby sleeping to the side, and her entire stomach being shown off. Yup, she’s not looking for attention from males at all.

Throughout the interview, she refers to Edwards as “Johnny,” and repeatedly states that they are still in love. And their love is “unconditional.” And by unconditional, she obviously means without conditions unless those conditions happen to be lying about that relationship and the baby born from that relationship. He even renewed his marriage vows with Elizabeth and she sat there and stuck with him. Look, everyone makes mistakes, but based on these actions, if this is what love is, I’m ending my gym membership and eating cheesesteaks every day because I want no part of it.

A few other things disturbed me — She describes her first encounter, where “Johnny” and she met and locked eyes, staring at each other. But neither made a move. When she tells a donor that he’s (Johnny’s) “hot,” he responds by saying, “Oh my god, you should have come over and told him that. He would have loved to have heard that!”

What was Edwards doing staring like that? I don’t mean taking a quick peek, but staring to the point where she knows he’s looking right into her eyes. What was his conduct like that made this donor say he would have “loved” to be told he was hot? And why did the relationship grow soon after? It’s not even like she was involved in his life and a relationship grew out of it (which still wouldn’t justify the affair). He was clearly on the prowl and she clearly did not care about his marriage if it made her feel all lovey-dovey.

In another part, she refers to Edwards as “very honest and truthful.” Has anyone else talked to a girl in a bad relationship who says the boyfriend is bad but he’s different with her? What everyone else says doesn’t matter because she’s the only that knows the “real” man.

This post is already too long, but a few more things I noticed — She says that “love overrode any issues,” such as Edwards’ marriage, and that she “had a lot of judgment about infidelity” but now has a “deeper understanding and acceptance of people’s processes.”

I’m going to hire some scientists and create a maturity pill. Any interested investors can feel free to contact me.

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