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If the Left Ends Bass Fishing-Where Will We Send Dan Rather?

Posted on March 15 2010 8:45 am
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The commenting section of  Dan Rather Stumbles, Chris Matthews Fumbles Over Watermelons and Racism,” spawned an insightful exchange worth highlighting.

Jeff Williams on Rather:

At some point you must hang it up and just go fishing. Dan is waaaaay past that point…He has no credibility or value to the majority. The left keep parading him out to attempt an appeal to those who once depended on broadcast network news for their information. Dan’s days of influence are over. He should stop embarrassing himself and go catch some bass.

To which Shoshanna agreed:

Jeff, while Mr. Rather’s time would indeed be far more appropriately spent in pursuit of the largemouth bass, this may soon no longer number among his options. It seems that Mr. Obama– inexplicably determined to alienate as much of mainstream America as he possibly can– has plans to put an end to sport fishing.

Should he succeed in pulling this off, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the blue drain away from a number of states (including my own, Oregon) as they magically, overnight, take on a rosy hue of Republican red.

I come from a long line of Illinois Democrats, which has put some spark in past family reunions. Given that my values have come from this same family, I have always been amazed that, after Reagan, they went back to their old voting habits.

My theory has been that they are only still Democrats because they simply fail to see the disconnect between the lofty speeches and soundbites and their actual agenda. Badaboo’s comment seemed to prove my theory with her disbelief:


Shoshanna , better go check your “stories ” on Snopes , your “Obama ban on sport fishing’s a rumor . Gee how’d that happen ?
As for Rather , he’s a has been .Had he been a politician , he would have got called out on his remark . And to your fellow affirmirs , I dont think anyone’s parading Dan Rather as anything . You folks have got overactive imaginations . Purposed of course , but overactive .

Shoshanna’s entertaining and informative reply:

“Badaboo”, had you bothered to do any digging at all– beyond, of course, a quick check with that all-knowing oracle of accuracy, “Snopes”– you’d have learned that the efforts to bring an end to sport fishing are neither rumor nor something that just popped up on the internet. An assortment of “environmental” organizations (including, but not limited to PETA, the Sierra Club, the World Wildlife Federation, and NOAA), have been making a concerted effort in this direction for more than a decade, and in communities whose economies are vitally dependent on sport fishing this is an issue that has been closely watched, and with notably increased concern since last fall, when the interim report of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force was released.

As is the standard operating procedure for this administration, sources of input were heavily weighted to achieve a predictable end result– in this case, testimony was welcomed from those whose first and only concern was the welfare– nay, the “rights”– of the fish– while it was made clear that the economic consequences of any resulting policy were of no relevance.

Mr. Obama, who lacks both wisdom and spine, is under growing pressure from the environmentalist community. Across the country, in small towns and resorts where sport fishing is the main (and sometimes only) industry, the betting is that he’ll fold like a poor hand of cards. A policy that effectively brings an end to fishing not just in our ocean waters, but in coastal, river, lake, and other inland communities, can be enacted by Executive Order with a single stroke of his pen.

You, “Badaboo”, easily assured by Snope that this is nothing more than a rumor, can blithely dismiss the matter. Those of us who live in the potentially affected communities, those of us who’ve been actually paying attention for months and years, who’ve watched and listened and attended town meetings as increasing environmental regulations have steadily limited and narrowed the framework within which our communities must support themselves, don’t have that luxury. We wish we did.

Time for disbelief is running out. The Progressive’s infiltration of the Democratic Party has become a pollution that will kill more than dreams of retirement and the sport fishing industry.

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