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Why Do Many Conservatives Fulminate Against Gay Marriage?

Posted on March 15 2010 2:55 am
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Calvin Freiburger’s recent post on the recent controversy surrounding CA State Senator Roy Ashburn and the discussion that follows in the comments section make it clear that Freiberger not only fails to see anything wrong with denying marriage rights to same-sex couples, but also believes that doing so provides some benefit to society.  I see that Mr. Freiburger also supports the work of the Family Research Council in this regard. Since I’ve been unable to find any statement by Freiburger on how he defends said position after a review (admittedly not exhaustive) of his writing – both for NRB and his personal site – I invite him to provide one in this forum.

I must say I’m mystified by the vehemence with which some conservatives attack the idea of legalizing gay marriage.  Let me state for the record that I am a single gay man and would describe my political philosophy as conservative libertarianism.  By that I mean that while I embrace fiscal conservatism and a strong national defense policy, I eschew what is generally understood as social conservatism, which constitutes most if not all of the agenda promoted by organizations such as the Family Research Council.  I reject social conservatism because it is in essence a euphemism for a theocratic agenda.

Social conservatives seek to impose their religious view of morality – including but not limited to the proscription of gay marriage – on the rest of America in clear violation of our Constitutional principles.  The overheated rhetoric regularly spouted by social conservatives is precisely the reason why leftists have been successfully able to tar and feather the “conservative movement” (as if it were monolithic) as inherently opposed to equality for women and gays.  The unfortunate result of this is that many who might otherwise be our allies are alienated, and either remain on the sidelines or are driven into the arms of our leftist enemies who fraudulently pose as champions of human rights.

I can imagine no rational argument supporting the proposition that granting homosexuals the same right to marry the partner of their choice that heterosexuals enjoy will somehow undermine the institution of marriage or lead to societal decline, as social conservatives constantly – and tiresomely – claim.  On the contrary, by fostering stable, loving, monogamous relationships between same-sex partners, I would argue that much of the self-destructive behavior currently seen within the gay community (constantly inveighed against, I might add, by those who insist on denying us this basic civil right) would eventually cease, benefitting the society at large.

I invite Mr. Freiburger’s (and any other interested parties’) commentary.

* This post was revised on 3-15-2010 at 7:25PM EDT to more accurately reflect my thoughts on the matter.

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