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It Does Not Matter What the CBO Says, the Democrats will Vote for Obamacare

Posted on March 14 2010 9:42 am
Twog is a creature of mysterious origin who emerged from the bowels of the blogosphere.
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Early in the morning and Twog watching Fox News Sunday. Twog crabby. Drinking coffee and eating my morning rat — toasted with blueberry jam.

Fox News Sunday on. Chris Wallace talking with Rep. Eric Cantor and Rep  Chris Van Hollen about the next healthcare vote

Wallace: “Have Democrats gotten the final CBO analysis of the House Fix-It Bill?”

Van Hollen said, “No, and in fact that’s one of the reasons we haven’t had the vote yet. We want to see what the congressional budget office says. That’s the reason we haven’t begun the debate process.”

Twog knows the smell of something rotten and prefers it on his plate. The numbers the CBO spits out will be irrelevant to the Democrats. You do not need eyes and ears as big as mine to know that these government health care plans will break the bank. CBO could say cost of bill was right leg of every American — which it basically is — and Democrats would be undeterred in pursuit of their social justice scheme.

Twog will need stronger coffee this morning.

P.S. Rep. Cantor, it’s great that you’re carrying around a copy of the Constitution and citing it. Twog has a copy too and would carry with him if he wore pants. But you’re almost acting as though the Constitution actually matters to the Democrats and citing it will mean anything in this “debate” with Van Hollen.

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