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Rupert Murdoch’s Dhimmi Times UK Features Karl Rove’s Endorsement Of Waterboarding

Posted on March 13 2010 11:51 am
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God in Heaven, the Brits have gone so wobbly.  The Times UK online just published a piece based upon a BBC interview with former Bush Administration Senior Advisor Karl Rove (pictured above). Rove asserted that the water-boarding of three terrorists, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was justified.  Of course, in the Left Wing’s new lexicon water-boarding is now called torture. And the Times pointed out that Rove said he is proud of the Bush administration for OKing it. He told the BBC that history will judge Bush kindly for the invasion of Iraq.

The Times says that the water-boarding practice “was one of the most controversial acts of the war against terrorism”.  Really?  Is that so?  What about scenes like this?  Remember the two American GIs who were kidnapped, tortured, butchered, disemboweled and beheaded by terrorists in Iraq?  How about the American contractors who were burned and hung up on that bridge?  The BBC and The Times UK editorial staff can’t recall those items now?  Or is it that, in the interests of enabling England’s ongoing Islamization, none of the above is particularly bothersome to The Times UK?  But pouring water onto a terrorist’s face and into his nose in order to find out where the next attack is coming is “controversial”

Read the entire story here:

“George W Bush’s former top adviser has said he is “proud” of the use of harsh interrogation techniques – including waterboarding – during the War on Terror.

Karl Rove, the Republican strategist widely known as “Bush’s Brain”, said in a BBC interview that he did not believe waterboarding, or simulated drowning, amounted to torture.

“I’m proud that we used techniques that broke the will of these terrorists and gave us valuable information that allowed us to foil plots such as flying aeroplanes into Heathrow and into London, bringing down aircraft over the Pacific, flying an aeroplane into the tallest building in Los Angeles and other plots,” Mr Rove told the BBC…

… The practice of waterboarding – effectively sanctioned by a series of legal memos from the White House in 2002 – was one of the most controversial aspects of the war against terrorism…”

And of course, The Times UK had to tell us that Barack Obama has forbidden the waterboarding technique.  Oh thank Heaven above for Obama’s humanitarian treatment of the Soldiers of Allah who are captured.  I feel so much safer now, knowing that Eric Holder and his Department of Justice will Mirandize and lawyer-up any more Muslim jihadists who get caught trying to kill either American soldiers and Marines on foreign battle fields, or my family here at home.

I have my own set of issues with the Bush administration for its abject refusal to face the realities of Islamic doctrine, and for its close ties to Saudi Arabia’s royal family.  But I do not have any problem with pouring cold water into some jihadist’s nose to get information that will save American and British citizens’ lives.  Perhaps the British press has forgotten how this particular enemy operates.  Or perhaps they believe that by printing stories like this they will gain favor with their ever-increasing Muslim population, and somehow avert Sharia in England.  Good luck with that.

In a parting thought, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has recently been under investigation by the Chilcot Inquiry, is probably thankful for Rove’s statements.  Blair could use a little support right now.  The trembling British Press and the English Left have branded him a murderer and liar for leading England to war in Iraq.

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