Nichole Hungerford

CNN’s Taste for Instant Coffee (and the Left)

Posted on March 13 2010 3:00 pm
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Just add George Soros, stir and enjoy! Instant Coffee Party

Did you ever wonder how the obscure Tea-Party-take-off “Coffee Party” suddenly had it’s own professional website and a hundred thousand facebook fans? Yeah. Neither did CNN. Whereas CNN couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge the burgeoning Tea Party gatherings of family people concerned over taxes and ever-intrusive federal government until they sent a rabid correspondent out to accost a man and his small child at one of the larger protests, the news network is right on the forefront of the “Coffee-Party Kick-off” happening today.

And in case you’re interested in getting involved, CNN directs you to the Coffee Party’s website where you can search for events near you. Marvelous! The only thing missing is the mawkish press coverage. But wait! CNN has you covered! If you go to the CNN webpage, you will find a delightfully picturesque lead image of concerned activists laughing over fashionably over-sized coffee cups and empty wine glasses in some manner of trendy restaurant where they’re candidly discussing their “kinder, gentler” cause. “We just want to discuss our differences over a cup of coffee” is their message. Quite the alternative to the backwoods, racist tea-baggers, as CNN’s Anderson Cooper refers to them.

Per usual, blogs do the research CNN isn’t interested in doing. A number of sites, including Newsbusters, exposed that the frustrated Coffee Party founder, Annabel Park was a volunteer for Obama’s presidential campaign and “an organizer and operator of the United for Obama video channel on YouTube.” CNN now haphazardly discloses this at the end of their fawning reports on the otherwise spontaneous, nonpartisan origins of the movement.

CNN also unfailingly perpetuates the narrative that the group is “100% grassroots” throughout their coverage. They, apparently, think there’s nothing at all odd about the “movement,” which they report began a mere six weeks ago, having a professional website with ads for coffee makers and sweet Coffee Party merchandise, and over a hundred thousand facebook friends and conducting a centrally organized event in this short amount of time. What could be more organic? But in fact, it looks like the Coffee Party has serious connections to serious Obama backers, namely, the George Soros funded, Open Society Institute. As American Thinker reports:

The contribution landing page for the Coffee Party says that it partners with, a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning contributions to the latter are tax-deductible…The About Page for states that it gets funding from Open Society Institute, George Soros’s organization.

But it’s still a completely grassroots organic movement, you see. At least you would think so, if you got your news from CNN.

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