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Washington’s Schoolyard Bullies Don’t Play By the Rules

Posted on March 11 2010 4:30 pm
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Remember when we used to be a nation of laws? It doesn’t seem like that very long ago, but with each passing day, that seems to be a hindrance to Washington rather than a guiding light. The current administration of schoolyard bullies has set a new tone for “change”  in Washington, and it is one of blatant disregard for our laws and our Constitution.

From Daniel Foster at National Review:

Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter is prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill, the chairwoman said Tuesday.

Slaughter is weighing preparing a rule that would consider the Senate bill passed once the House approves a corrections bill that would make changes to the Senate version.

Slaughter has not taken the plan to Speaker Pelosi as Democrats await CBO scores on the corrections bill. “Once the CBO gives us the score we’ll spring right on it,” she said. . . .

House members are concerned the Senate could fail to approve the corrections bill, making them nervous about passing the Senate bill with its much-maligned sweetheart deals for certain states.

“We’re well beyond that,” Pelosi said Tuesday, though she did not clarify.

Even though I would think that this unconstitutional move, avoiding an actual vote to pass a bill, would be shut down in a New York minute, just the fact that they would even consider such a move is beyond disturbing. They obviously have no respect for the citizens they represent or the law of the land.

When the people of this nation can no longer have any faith that our leaders will even attempt to honor our laws,  faith in government is at stake. The progressives in Washington who would  attempt things like this make it clear that they have no regard for the consequences to our nation. They have become the schoolyard bullies instead of the class valedictorians we deserve.

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