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And the Oscar Goes To…Dalal Mughrabi, PLO Terrorist

Posted on March 11 2010 2:11 pm
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It is almost midnight, but I can’t sleep. I am haunted by their faces, by the thought that, thirty-two years ago, at this very hour, both Gail and Dalal were still alive.

Gail was packing her cameras, checking that she had enough film and the right lenses. She would get up early so the beach would be empty. Too many people, and she wouldn’t get close enough to the birds.

Dalal was also going to the beach, but she wasn’t going to take pictures of life in Israel, and she wasn’t going alone. It would have taken her longer to check her gear. You need a lot of guns to arm eleven PLO Terrorists.

Twenty-four hours later, both women were dead. Dalal Mughrabi sailed from Lebanon and landed on the beautiful coast, north of Tel Aviv. After asking the American photographer for directions, the terrorists shot Gail Rubin and left her to bleed to death on the beach. Mughrabi and the other terrorists were members of Fatah, a nationalist group determined to kidnap and hold prominent Israelis in exchange for “Palestinian” prisoners.

They hijacked a bus and drove towards Tel Aviv, throwing grenades at passing cars. When they finally reached a closed check point, they opened fire on police and set fire to the bus. Dalal and the terrorists died with their thirty-seven victims.

Early yesterday, March 10, 2010, the Palestinian Authority canceled a memorial celebration during which a city square in Ramallah was to be named after Mughrabi. The PA has not issued an explanation for postponing the ceremony. Presenting Dalal as a model for young girls, encouraging them to rival her contribution to humanity, thirty-seven Jewish corpses, is consistent with previous official acts of the PA. A school, technology center, scholarships and summer camps are named for the mass-murderer, so the only reason to cancel today’s ceremony was political.

With the Vice-President of the United States touring the region, honoring terrorists would certainly be poor timing. While the Obama Administration is working overtime to give an egalitarian impression to Israel and those under the Palestinian Authority it makes sense to pretend they are prepared to do their part for peace. Particularly since Israel declared its intention to open settlements in the West Bank, cancelling the party in honor of the Coastal Road Massacre was a clever way for the PA to score some PR points.

It is such a shame, though, that this didn’t all transpire last week, before the Oscars. Imagine the scolding Israel could have gotten from the Oracles of Global Morality as they teetered in their Jimmy Choos, clad in the fruit of fifty thousand underpaid sweatshop hours.

It was Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Wizard of Oz, who said, “If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” The Palestinian Narrative is a lie that has become the truth, in no small part because of Leftist film stars using cinematic award moments to throw the undeserved credibility attendant upon fame, wealth, and the cult of Hollywood, behind a deadly fairy tale.

A year before Palestinian super-star Dalal shot Gail Rubin to death, Vanessa Redgrave shocked the Oscar audience as she clutched her Little Man of Gold and declared support for the PLO:

“Neither I nor the Academy will be intimidated by a small bunch of Zionist hoodlums — whose behavior is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world, and to their great and heroic record of struggle against fascism and oppression.”

Redgrave was far from being the last to legitimize the methods used by the PLO to advance its agenda. The “off” switch temporarily rescues the justly indignant from pro-terrorist lectures given by women who wear three-thousand dollar shoes while feigning concern for global poverty. This, unfortunately is a short term, isolated solution. Left-driven Hollywood culture is a major factor in forming the political opinions of millions who never expose themselves to any other source of information about world events.

The powerful people who play dress-up for a living will continue to weep their way through pacifist speeches. None will cry for the woman who bled to death next to her camera on a beach in Israel. Ramallah will wave good-bye to Biden and give its own Oscar, a city park named in her honor, to a woman who left nothing behind her but death.

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