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More on Glenn Beck’s European Blind Spot

Posted on March 10 2010 6:00 am
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Glenn Beck, like so many American personalities, doesn’t have a clue about Europe. His example for France is so skewed I don’t know where to begin.

The low ratings of President Sarkozy can be explained by a combination of forces:
1. He is massacred daily by the mass media–journalists are about 90% on the Left.
2. Since the Left has no program worth presenting, they have put all their efforts on one issue–anti-Sarkozy
3. Sarkozy is considered to be Jewish by the Far Left and the jihadis
4. Sarkozy has tried, meekly, to make some changes in the rigid French economic system which is based on Socialist principles
5. The economic crisis and the abiding rigidity of the French system have stumped his economic reform program

Dominique de Villepin far right? What a joke! Villepin is a Chirac knockoff. He has 57% popularity in a meaningless popularity contest. If he ever ran for president–which won’t happen–he would get about 4% of the vote. He has never been elected to any office, was immensely unpopular as Prime Minister, will disappear from the political landscape before the next presidential elections.

And, obviously, Beck doesn’t know zilch about Geert Wilders.

For years, Americans have been predicting that Europeans would veer to the fascist right or start murdering Muslims en masse… that is not what is happening. And Wilders is the prime example. Europeans are starting to legislate against minarets, mosques, niqabs, hallal swimming pool hours, etc. Every European country dreams of having a leader like Wilders, an honest upright democratic politician who will stand up to the jihadis.

By the way, Europeans are unfortunately accustomed to bad economic conditions; low salaries, double-digit unemployment, blocked horizons, high taxes, impoverished welfare and healthcare systems. When it gets even worse, as in Greece, who are the fascists in the street? The Left!

One of the reasons for this widespread ignorance about Europe is that American media, including the nominally serious conservative outlets, can’t seem to cover it. They don’t understand why they need input from Europe.

PS: the real Far Right in France is represented by Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National. Except for a few pockets here and there, the FN can’t get more than 5% of the vote. The fascist Far Left, on the other hand, is not so weak. And it includes the Greens, who have integrated the Muslim vote into their game plan.

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