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Today on Twitter: We Need Less NOT Michael Moore

Posted on March 9 2010 2:57 pm
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One of the people I follow on Twitter is usually conspicuously quiet, unless it is a topic that is near and dear to his heart – and apparently that means that the topic must be HIM.

Michael Moore’s latest ode to outrage “Capitalism: A Love Story” was so inept, and so light on anything-resembling-a-fact that instead of outrage it merely generated  DVD’s.  And apparently too the titular “love story” is really one of self-love because Moore is once again a central figure in the story.

Yeah yeah yeah Mikey, capitalism is evil.  Oddly enough, Moore’s manic  series of self-grandizing tweets today includes a stunning number of references to one of his favorite evil giants…see if you can spot it:

I promise u you won’t see anything like this film anytime this year. It tears away the BS about Wall St. and names names. I hope u watch it.

Good news! My movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” comes out today on DVD! Amazon: Netflix: Pls RT!

Orange alert! Wal-Mart retaliates? They just put “Not sold in stores” up on their site: Wow. That didn’t take long.

Maybe my analysis of why Wal-Mart agreed to put “Capitalism” in their stores was wrong: Maybe they ARE frightened.

Ok, film studio has confirmed DVDs of my movie WERE shipped to 3,000 WalMarts. But now WalMart has put “NOT SOLD IN STORES” on their site!

Just asked 1 insider why WalMart is saying “Not sold in stores” but still selling it online. Reply: “Because they hate Amazon more than u!”

Ok, press now starting 2 call WalMart 2 ask why they put “Not sold in stores” on their site after MM sent out email ’bout them?

How ’bout a contest? Person who guesses time 2day when Wal-M will remove their “Not sold in stores” banner gets signed copy of “Capitalism.”

For those of you with a score-card that was a total of eight tweets in four hours and SIX of those were about those capitalistic cowards over at Walmart.  Hey Mike, get over yourself.  This seems almost like you are engaging in a little old-fashioned CAPITALISM!!!!!

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