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Will Reconciliation Ever Happen? Seems Unlikely.

Posted on March 8 2010 3:31 pm
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By John Hawkins at Right Wings News

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for Obamacare is the very legitimate fear of Democrats in the House that Senate Democrats won’t pass a “fix” of the bill through reconciliation.

First of all, here’s how Democrats in the House want the process to work: They pass the bill already voted through in the Senate. Then Senate Democrats make the bill more palatable to liberals in the House by making a series of “fixes” via reconciliation.

Here’s the thing: It’s becoming more and more clear that step 2 will probably never happen. Why?

#1) Once the House passes the bill that the Democrats in the Senate wanted in the first place, it can be signed into law. So, if the Senate did nothing, the ideal bill, from the perspective of Democratic Senators, would pass.

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