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Oliver Stone’s Co-Conspirator in Neo-Communist Documentary Takes a Shot at Radosh and Horowitz

Posted on March 8 2010 11:22 am
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In January NewsReal Blog ran several posts challenging Marxist filmmaker Oliver Stone’s upcoming documentary series “The Secret History of America”:

Jeanette Pryor:

Oliver Stone : A Series of Unfortunate Holocaust Denials

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Mark Tapson’s three-part series:

The Good, the Bad, and Oliver Stone, Part 1: Natural Born Killers

The Good, the Bad and Oliver Stone, Part 2: Hitler Was Only Following the Evil Capitalists’ Orders

The Good, the Bad, and Oliver Stone, Part 3: Liberalizing Our Minds

Now Stone’s co-conspirator in this cinematic rape of America, leftist pseudo-historian Peter Kuznick, has been interviewed by History News Network. Of course he could not resist going after real historian Ron Radosh and our editor-in-chief David Horowitz:

So I figured that with my historical background and interests and Oliver’s skill as a dramatist—his ability to tell a story and bring history to life—this would be a very exciting project.  I knew that participating in such a project would make me a target for the Ron Radoshes and David Horowitzes of the world, but that was a small price to pay for reaching such a vast audience of people eager to gain a deeper and more critical understanding of U.S. history.

Radosh had this response which he posted in the comments to the interview:

I will shortly deal with Peter Kuznick’s interview in more detail on my own blog, at But in the meantime, I wish to make a few brief comments.

First, I am delighted that I evidently hit home with my first blog on the forthcoming Showtime series that I wrote for PJM. Prof. Kuznick’s gratuitous and most revealing  reference to myself and David Horowitz says we obviously succeeded in making it clear how foolish anyone is who thinks that Oliver Stone is even equipped to make a serious documentary on the Cold War and recent American history. Anyone who has seen “JFK” or “Nixon” knows that Stone is an ideologue and propagandist who makes the rather crude and biased history of Howard Zinn seem sophisticated.

The giveaway is that in two places, Kuznick himself validates my argument. First, he says that in Vietnam, as in all recent US foreign policy, the United States “is on the wrong side.” In fact, this statement is proof positive that Mr. Kuznick sides with our enemies, and puts the blame for all bad that happens in the world on the United States. This is not surprising. What else would we expect from Oliver Stone, who would never associate with anyone who has a more sophisticated view of history?

Second, when he mentions the A-Bomb, his comment on Truman not exploring any other alternatives reveals that even on this issue, which has been written about by many over the years in a manner that has intellectually destroyed the outdated Alperovitz theory on why we dropped the bomb, shows that Kuznick does not himself take into account interpretations others than those he learned as a New Left activist in the 1960’s.

Finally, I’m sure Rutgers was an exciting place to be in that era, but as one who knew Warren Susman well, and still knows and is in touch with Gene Genovese, (who unlike Kuznick, has changed with the world and rejected his old Leninist ways) Kuznick’s “history” and career is one I think that Susman, were he still with us, would be most ashamed of. Susman was a leftist, but as a sound historian, hated the kind of work Kuznick now stands for. Warren’s work had the kind of subtlety and sophistication to it one does not see in anything Kuznick says in this interview, or plans to say in his film.

I am delighted to see that he was stung by my attack. I vow to continue to do all I can to see to it that the film gets the dismissive press it will well deserve.

Ron Radosh

Here’s Radosh’s original blog post from January taking apart Stone and Kuznick. This is no historian better at rebutting the neo-communist Left’s propaganda than Radosh.

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