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Move Over, Healthcare… Education is the Next Human Right on the List

Posted on March 8 2010 12:59 pm
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Move over, healthcare….there’s a new human right in town. This past week, campuses across the nation observed the “Day of Action to Defend Public Education,” demanding that their rights be met. Apparently, many of the backers of this event are very concerned about this  new “struggle,” but my struggle is with who is backing it. Among the endorsers, I was not surprised to find plenty of unions, the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and, of course, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS.) Make no mistake; this event and the “struggle” has been completely orchestrated by these socialist groups. 

Coincidentally (or not), many today are questioning the nomination for 9th Circuit Court of Appeals of Goodwin Liu, the young and gifted (and progressive) UC Berkeley law professor. It appears that he, also, has some pretty strong ideas on what direction education in this country should take. Take a look at what he had to say about the Constitution and a right to education back in 2004:

Instead, we are thinking broadly and creatively about how the concept of education as a fundamental right might be instantiated as a constitutional value or, to borrow Cass Sunstein’s phrase, as one of the nation’s “constitutive commitments” — not only through court decisions but also through legislation, policy, and public discourse.

In the same post, he goes on to say:

Yet, by various measures, educational inequality between states has historically been, and is today, more substantial than inequality within states. If education is a fundamental right, shouldn’t it be a national right held in common by all children in the country? If so, then the constitutional basis for the right is perhaps not well-situated in notions of equal protection or due process. Instead, as Bruce Ackerman has suggested, it may be best situated in the constitutional guarantee of national citizenship, enforceable by Congress. Indeed, affirmative rights under the Citizenship Clause animated the earliest proposals (dating back to 1870) for federal aid to equalize educational opportunity across states.

Concluding his thoughts is the following statement, which I find to be the most troubling of all:

Forging a strong link between a right to education and the guarantee of national citizenship is a potential beachhead for broader thinking on social and economic rights.

In other words, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

You can read Liu’s entire post here.

Many of you may have heard Glenn Beck discussing this very topic on his show this week, where he showed us that the “right to education” came straight from the USSR’s constitution. Many of the current progressive ideas seem to find their origin there. It appears to me that Liu has told us, in his own words, that he would like to see the Constitution used to gain complete federal control over education and use it as a stepping stone toward “social and economic rights.” It seems that Obama, in nominating Liu, has shown us that controlling education is just another step along the fast track he is taking our country down.

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