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Goebbels Rising: What Will You Do Now That The Newspapers Are Targeting American Jews?

Posted on March 8 2010 4:38 pm
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14.6 million Americans have lost their jobs. Many live on savings and search for work, while some accept to hold two part-time jobs, just to pay the bills. According to Reuters, if you are Jewish, you can take the easy way out. Just hop a plane to Israel and “sit out the recession.”

“Some young American Jews are choosing to wait out the recession in Israel, where the government heavily subsidizes their stay while they intern, learn Hebrew or volunteer.”

In the article entitled Some American Jews Sit Recession Out In Israel,Reuters includes the following quotations from or about the American Jews taking advantage of programs that help them find positions in Israel:

“With the economy the way it is, I just decided to leave America.”

“For some, the appeal of Israel is religious. For others it’s practical: life is cheaper there. But overwhelmingly, participants say they are surprised by Israel’s work culture, which encourages flexibility and a better life-work balance. ‘It was never a problem to ask my boss if I could come in late or leave early. It’s definitely more relaxed.’”

“Elliot Lazarus, a 30-year-old architect from Long Island will soon be relocating to Jerusalem with his wife and 5-year-old son, after spending last fall interning at two Jerusalem architectural firms. Lazarus is an orthodox Jew who long had a desire to live in Israel. But he says it took the economic crisis to push him over the edge.”

“Freedman has been hired back by her old firm (in the US,) but Israel also left an indelible mark on her. ‘I think about it every day. I wake up thinking of Israel, at work I think about it, and hope to be there in the nearer future. There is just something about it that feels like home.’”

Never mind the fact that those who went to work in Israel are there working, and not “sitting the Recession out,” the article leaves a distinct impression that American Jews are really citizens of two nations; America, where they reside until the going gets rough, and Israel, the place they really feel at home.

Reuters titled the article, Some American Jews Sit Out the Recession In Israel. Buried five paragraphs down, is the little detail that Reuters is not chronicling a significant exodus, but only 1,500 people, less than one tenth of a percent of unemployed Americans. Oh, one other thing, over 13,000 Americans are participating in overseas intern programs.

Given the small portion of those going overseas being Jewish, a more accurate title for a report about those expats “seeking their fortunes,” would have been, “Americans Find Work Overseas.”

It would be hard for a single article to accommodate more negative insinuations about a racial group. The obvious question is, why did Reuters, a major news source, turn a story about a few ethnically-diverse Americans accepting foreign jobs, into a feature to which 1928 Goebbels would have signed his name.

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