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Climategate and the Ongoing Politicization of Science

Posted on March 8 2010 9:35 am
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Perusing the February archives of NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook, I stumbled upon an interesting comment regarding the February 23rd broadcast of “Weird Weather and Climate Change”:

Please consider at least mentioning the label that many (real) scientists are now using instead of global “warming”: climate DISRUPTION. This term suggests that while some areas will seem warmer others may seem colder and that over all this will be altered. When regions of the third world are flooded, food production falters, and millions of people migrate to ‘better’ regions there will indeed be “disruption”!

Since Obamas’ own science advisor -John Holdren- prefers to use that label, the Media might want to at least occasionally substitute “disruption for the inaccurate “warming” or the bland “change”

It started as “Global Warming,” morphed into “Climate Change,” and should now be referred to as “Climate Disruption.”  The target keeps moving as the Climategate scandal exposes more and more fraud in the so-called “Climate Science” community.  The breadth and depth of fraud is so massive and far-reaching that no single individual can keep up with it all.  Revelations are released daily and require a small army of dedicated bloggers to note and catalogue them.

Any disinterested third party with access to all this information would conclude that the status of climate study as a “science” is in serious doubt, reducing its status to be on par with astrology or scientology.

The real danger from global warming, climate change, or climate disruption has nothing to do with the accumulation of man-made CO2.  The real danger comes from the politicization of science.  No one knows the actual truth anymore.  Read the comments on  “Weird Weather and Climate Change” and see for yourself.  The comments in support of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) outnumber neutral or skeptical comments by about 4 to 1.  Anecdotes are used to counter anecdotal evidence.  Statistics are used to counter statistical evidence.  The average person is left wondering who and what to believe.

Science is supposed to be an unwavering search for truth in the physical world.  Leftists have reduced science  to a political parlor game, a tactic, just another deeply cynical means to achieving desired socio-politcal ends.  And that is certainly bad enough.

But it is actually much worse.  Climategate revealed that some scientists have been called to a “higher purpose” than the mere revelation of  truth in the physical world.  Many of the establishment media’s journalists have been called to a “higher purpose” than the accurate reporting of events.  I shudder at the thought of doctors being called to a “higher purpose” than easing human suffering.  Watch as these same leftists politicize the field of health science and medicine in their quixotic pursuit of universal health care, the Holy Grail of socialists and communists everywhere.

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