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Obama’s Unilateral Nuke Retreat

Posted on March 7 2010 11:09 pm
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By John R. Guardiano at FrumForum

Today’s Washington Post [Saturday, March 6] has a lengthy front-page feature entitled, “Obama must decide degree to which U.S. swears off nuclear weapons.”

Of course, as I argued here at FrumForum two days ago, that’s exactly the wrong question to ask: because nuclear weapons aren’t the problem; bad governments and bad political actors are. And the United States requires a robust and modernized nuclear arsenal to deter both conventional and nuclear war.

So rather than seek to “swear off” nuclear weapons, the United States should seek to strengthen and upgrade its nuclear arsenal.

But we’re not doing that. Instead, we’re pledging to dramatically and unilaterally reduce our nuclear stockpile; ban low-yield, deeply-burrowing warheads, which might be used to destroy hidden nuclear facilities in Iran or North Korea; and explicitly foreswearing the use of nuclear weapons except in the most unlikely and farfetched of circumstances.

Needless to say, all of these Obama administration initiatives are seriously undermining the deterrent value of our nuclear arsenal. And this is something that America’s more vulnerable allies — especially our East European friends, who have a long and recent memory of externally-imposed tyranny — find troubling and disconcerting.

Read the entire article at FrumForum

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