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Save a School–Fire a Teacher? Part 2

Posted on March 5 2010 10:45 am
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If you missed part one, you can catch up here.

When Central Falls, a “persistently low performing” High School in Rhode Island fired 74 teachers along with other union members, the teachers’ union called the action:

“Immoral, illegal, unjust, irresponsible disgraceful, and disrespectful.”

No, what is immoral, illegal, unjust, irresponsible and disgraceful is to promote a radical agenda that is more concerned about a child’s “self-esteem” than their mathematical ability.

American students fall far behind the rest of the world in academic achievement, but score high on self-esteem. On the world stage, we must look like the academic equivalent to the poor talentless souls that show up on American Idol.

Speaking of immoral, illegal, unjust, irresponsible and disgraceful; how about continuing to get paid for a job performance that is so poor, it’s considered to be as damaging as an act of war?

Since our founding it has been the responsibility of parents to educate, socialize, and prepare their children to enter adulthood capable of providing for a family. For more than a century, this sense of parental responsibility and self-reliance gave Americans an astounding level of literacy, productivity and patriotism.

As that responsibility has shifted toward the government, the decline in each of these areas has been thoroughly documented and deeply felt.  As the mediocre educational performance of our schools has put our “nation in crisis” and the teachers’ unions have fought to maintain the status quo, they should be viewed as nothing less than a fifth column.

The teachers’ union has used the tactics of the Left to promote their radical agenda to our youngest children. A page on the NEA website page boldly states: “Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer.” The recommendation of Alinsky gives a chilling insight to those behind the organization– and it has nothing to do with teaching children to read and love their country.

Parents by contrast, have a substantial personal interest in seeing that their children are well educated. Today, the successes in the homeschooling movement run by parents, many without higher education, have achieved great success and have done so with the average family spending approximately $400 per student, while living on one income.

A movement, needless to say, the NEA condemns in spite of the fact that home educated children consistently out preform their public school peers by 30 to 37 percentile points across all subjects.

The entrenched teachers unions, and the educational elite like Robert Reich oppose homeschooling, parental choice, vouchers and merit based pay. The reason is obvious; good teachers and children are nothing more than instruments to their radical agenda.

Parents who reclaim their rights and responsibilities for the education of their children are a grave threat to that agenda, and are capable of producing an educated population willing to do some firing.

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