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Maddow Misinforms, Muckrakes to Stop Stupak

Posted on March 5 2010 6:33 pm
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Did you know polar bears sometimes eat their young?  Kind of ruins the image of their cuteness doesn’t it? Democrats also will sometimes eat their own if they get in the way.  Rachel Maddow attempted just that on her show last night.  She took out her fork and knives and called for Bart Stupak’s head to be placed on her plate.

Congressman Stupak (D-Mich) was an unknown backbencher of the Democrat party until last fall. As a pro-life Democrat he has led the way to stop abortion funding in Obamacare. He now claims he has a group of 12 Democrats who voted for the House health care bill that will not vote for the Senate version, which includes money to help women pay for abortions.

Maddow, sensing Stupak’s ability to stop Obamacare, decided to devote a full segment to relentlessly and recklessly sling accusations at the Michigan Congressman.  It was not journalism, it was not good television, it was pathetic.

Let’s look one by one at each salacious attack.

Attack #1: Bart Stupak is simply trying to make a name for himself – get his 15 minutes of fame.

“We begin tonight with the Democrat who is trying to make a name for himself by helping Republicans kill health reform…Bart Stupak, lo and behold, has found a way to finally make himself famous…Stupak got his moment in the sun, it was all over tv, all over the news…he’s having another moment in the spotlight right now and appears to be loving it…Mr. Stupak knows that this is his chance to get on TV a lot again.” – Maddow

Problems with this attack: Maddow herself goes on and on about how Stupak has never tried to make a name for himself.  Yet she offers no reason why he would suddenly be an attention-grabber. It is strange that she can’t pick up how she is contradicting her own claims.

Attack #2: Bart Stupak is stupid – just listen to his name.

“Democratic Congressman uhh…Bart…uhh…Bart STUpak….Bart STUpak of Michigan.”

Problem with this attack: Maddow’s delivery shows she is trying to make fun of Stupak’s name.  She just wants so badly to call him STUpid.  Such an infantile observation is no surprise when you consider that Maddow is a student of Keith Olbermann.  (NewsReal Blog’s David Swindle has pointed out that when someone is quick to make fun of a last name like that  – you know they are a jerk and the offender should be ignored.)

Attack #3: Stupak is an anti-gay homophobe.

“He volunteered a random, out-of-nowhere anti-gay comment to me during the Mark Foley scandal.” -Maddow

Problem with attack: Stupak never made an anti-gay comment.  He talked about warning interns about Foley’s lifestyle.  Foley’s lifestyle was hitting on teenage boy interns.  Stupak wasn’t saying anything remotely anti-gay.

Attack #4: Stupak wants to hijack healthcare reform to end abortion.

“(He) trie(d) to make healthcare reform into a vehicle to effectively ban abortion…Stupak decided…he would hijack health reform to show off anti-abortion politics…Stupak is not going to be allowed to kill health reform in order to mount this anti-abortion stunt.” – Maddow

Problem with attack: Stupak has made it very clear that he wants Obamacare.  He just doesn’t want abortion funded by our tax dollars.  Maddow knows this, but it makes a better case against Stupak to put him in the same camp as evil Republicans.

Attack #5: Bart Stupak is possibly involved with legal gifts from living at C-Street housing (run by the religious group that puts on the National Prayer breakfast), which Maddow has reported on almost weekly.

Problem with this attack: Maddow spends half this segment attempting to leave doubt in people’s minds about Stupak’s ethics and integrity since he once lived in C-Street housing.  Of course, what Maddow doesn’t reveal, is that a very large portion of men and women in politics have been involved at some level with this organization. Maddow has decided that any time she has a problem with someone in Washington she can attack them by bringing up a connection to this group.  You would be hard pressed to find someone inside the Beltway who hasn’t been linked to this group in one way or another.

Last month Keith Olbermann was called out by many in the press for baseless attacks on Scott Brown when he got in the way of Obamacare.  Now Maddow is doing the same thing to Bart Stupak.  Others should join me in telling Maddow that this rant against Stupak was pathetic, lacked journalistic integrity, and was beneath her.

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