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Hippie Gossip: Ron Paul’s Secret Peacenik Admirer

Posted on March 5 2010 3:20 pm
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March 2, 2010, couldn’t have been one of Congressman Ron Paul’s better days. Debra Medina, the candidate he introduced to voters after she managed part of his Presidential Campaign in 2008, lost her own bid for the Republican Texas Gubernatorial Nomination to conservative Rick Perry, and not-so-conservative, Kay Bailey Hutchison by 80% of the vote.

The worst day for Paul, the day that put an end to Medina’s campaign and her posturing as, “just a normal American,” was the day she floored a horrified Glenn Beck, by declaring on national radio that her mental jury was still out about the U.S. Government’s participation in the 9-11 Islamic Terror Attacks. In other words, Medina was Thermite Positive.

Besides offering Texas the opportunity to be governed by a true conservative for another term, Medina’s defeat made it very clear that Paulistinian attempts to equate the Tea Party with their own conspiracy-soup agenda, failed miserably. Given a choice between a conservative Republican and, to quote Rand Paul, “the left-right coalition you build to defeat the Military Industrial Complex,” Texas conservatives chose sanity.

It is never good to “kick a man when he’s down,” so I actually come with a message of great consolation for the Congressman, an “endorsement” from a person that he probably didn’t know was a fan. Given Paul and his secret admirer’s common opinions on the War on Terror, the fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq, the CIA, and everything to do with American Foreign Policy, this solidarity should not come as a complete shock.

The Mystery Man is Barack Obama’s old Marxist friend from Chicago, Bill Ayers, former domestic terrorist and anti-war activist. Apparently, Bill has had a soft spot in his heart for the anti-Imperialist Paul for quite some time. In November of 2007, Ayers joined a panel of speakers in Chicago who addressed the topic, “Resisting Endless War.” The talk was sponsored by the Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS.)

Not wishing to subject my readers to anymore of Bill than strictly necessary, the portion of the conversation in which Ayers makes several comments in favor of the Congressman doesn’t begin until the fifth minute of his speech.

If Ron Paul does decide that he can best serve America by running for the Presidency in 2012, a plan that Barack Obama, or, more probably Hillary Clinton, would be overjoyed to discover, he will find no better, and perhaps more willing, spokesman for his foreign policy philosophy that the man who bombed the Pentagon to protest American empire building. Only last year, Ayers reminisced:

“I’m not sorry for anything I participated in to try to end that war or against the government that was waging that war.”

Perhaps Ayers, sadly disappointed by Barack Obama’s refusal to end our “endless wars,” might even consider a late-bloomer entry into politics. Is America ready for the left-right Paul-Ayers 2012 coalition?

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